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21 May 2014

Installation of Firewall mounted brake booster and Master cylinder with swing pedal

Removed carpet, column seal and small pieces of firewall insulation
Cut and flattened the small flange of column opening to allow seating of outer reinforcement plate
Have to do do more here

The Plan....

The Parts

and this Master..


The supplied bracket fits the Stude footprint (almost) exactly

.....and the firewall piece isn't needed...

The next tact

The END!!! Too High


This will be it!

20 June 2014

Worked on new adjustable plunger for Master Cylinder. Thread is 12/28, not very common, but had a couple items laying around that worked. Using a digital caliper to calculate measurements, fitted an adjustable plunger almost 2" long

22 June 2014

High level of frustration today with mounting firewall assembly / None of bench assembly process went well, but it's in... / could angle it upward a bit more... 24 June 2014

Bench bled Master cylinder / tightened booster bolts & nuts. Marked as to size and will dab with paint to indicate torqued.. / under dash fitted pedal with single side clevis / Using a grade 8 bolt shoulder for wear area / new nylon bushings in pedal strut pivot 25 June 2014

This AM, removed old remote brake fluid reservoir/reassembled old mastercylinder under floor and will leave in place with actuator resting on frame. Pedal head resting on floor of interior under carpet and out of way

26 June 2014 / Worked on finalizing pedal attachment / booster actuator pin movement /
Final on the strut connector....


  We're here!....

No leaks...!
Have to bleed all lines now..



That done...

Sealing the column....