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Rear Axle Oil seal repair

64 Hawk, Dana Rear axle, Disc/Drum, Rear brakes, oilseal
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Pry the old seal from the casing.

On either side of the casing is a spot weld attaching the inner seal land. Drill out the spot welds with a 1/8" drill.

This will release the inner land and allow the new seal to be inserted easily

After cleaning everything up, find some small machine screws with flat and lockwashers or 1/8" steel rivets.

Insert the new seal and press the land back into the outer casing. Start the screws with the head on the inside.

(Note: Gary Ash, Dartmouth MA, opted to use rivets vs screws)

Use both flat and lockwashers and tighten accordingly

Apply some light oil to the felt and press onto the brake hub to compress the felt in the retainer. Leave in place while finishing the brake job.

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