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1963 Studebaker Avanti R-3152

For Sale - June 2011 Jim McCuan (

1963 R2 Avanti with 10,282 miles. Original factory paint, interior, even wheels and tires with 5280 miles on them. Not a restoration. Lived in windowless storage for 26 years and it saved the car. No cracks or tears on the interior or dash. The only 2 oil changes in it's life with the original owners still have the stickers on the door.

HERE is a slideshow I'm adding to daily as I get detailed pics of car and documentation at I have a lot of extras for this car. An enclosed heated and air conditioned trailer I keep the car in year round at 75 degrees, R3 heads and intake, lots of hi-po supercharger goodies, spare water pump and the like, but the price for the car sans optional stuff is $50,000. I've had some folks who see the pics say they don't know about the price, but when they see it in person agree it's worth every cent and then some.

show(n) with the original wheels AND tires, or with a set of 1964 aluminum wheels and radials depending on the venue. To show with the originals, I drive to the show on the "modern" set and switch to the originals once there. I have them marked as to corner they came from and the 6:00 position so that I minimize any chance of cracking the 48 year old rubber and never roll the car around on them

May 2011, Turning Wheels Article

Photos of R3152, AS FOUND

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