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Studebaker R1 Avanti - R3430

April 26, 2007

I'm asking 17,470.00 / / 530-823-6336


I'm about 35 miles northeast of Sacramento. This is a 1963 Avanti R1 automatic. It was purchased new, in 1963 by my late husband's family, who drove it very little.

63r3430a.jpg 63r3430b.jpg
63r3430c.jpg The interior is a sort of sixties turquoise and the outside is white. The entire car is just beautiful & completely original, including the seats and carpet. It has always been stored inside & we have had the car in our garage since about 1988. 63r3430d.jpg
63r3430e.jpg 63r3430f.jpg It was last registered in 1969, and parked very soon after. Several years later, the engine was rebuilt and reconditioned by my husband, who was an automotive machinist. At that time, it was also repainted.

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