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From 2nd owner
The car is 3493. I bought it from the original owner about a year ago. The owner Mr. Fierro is the person who invented the Hurst shifter for the Avanti. He bought this car brand new from Partex motors in NJ which was a Studebaker/Mercedes dealer. I have the original invoice and build sheets on this car. He ordered it with the deluxe interior which has the perforated seats, power windows, HD front and rear springs, seat belts, no power steering, R2 engine and 4 spd trans with 3.31 TT. The car was repainted by Newman and Altman in 1977. Car is all original and is not butchered up at all.
3rd owner
The car resides at my house in Gainesville Florida 32609, but I bought it for my daughter and son-in-law as a project. At that time, they lived in Beaufort SC wher he was stationed at the Marine base. Several days after I made the purchase, he was transferred to Twentynine Palms California 92278. His 5 years are up in Sept of '07, so until then, we will just look for parts. Their names are Andrea and Clay Jones. I dont know if I am supposed to put his Corporal title on his name or not.
As far as the engine goes, it was replaced by the owner in '67 with the R3 engine from the Granatelli's. The original R2 engine was set aside at the shop that performed the transplant and assumed vanished when a fire destroyed the shop. Since then, the engine has surfaced and I am in the process of getting ahold of it. I guess that part of the shop didnt get destroyed. Although I hear that its been picked over and missing a lot of the parts. At least I would have the correct number block to start with.
The R3 engine was taken out by the guy I bought the car from, who bought the car from the original owner. He just wanted the R3. Although I was a little dissapointed in the fact, I would rather have the original setup. The car still has the R3 suspension parts and whats supposed to be a close ratio 4 speed tranny with Hurst shifter.
I also have the original build sheet and the sales sheet to show what came with the car, when and from where.
The car was supposed to also hold some kind of speed record from one place to another, but I dont know any more about it.
Sorry I cant tell you any more at the moment.
------------ Original Engine?

Thats what I have been trying to do since I got the car. The guy said he knew where it was when I got the car and I have been saying for almost a year now that I wanted the engine as soon as he got it, which was supposed to be mostly just the block. Now he has decided to build it and sell to make money. I have all the emails to show the conversation, but I suppose he is not a man of his word and just being greedy.
--- Oh I will redo or should I say my kids will redo the car. Its just a shame that this guy is now being an ass about not keeping his word about letting me get ahold of the engine as it was when he got it. Now he says he has built it and wants over $6,000 more than the first price. He claims he never got my emails saying I wanted the engine as it was, but he sure seems to have gotten the emails I sent when I owed him money for the car, which I paid in full in the time he requested.
Its also a shame that the car will never be back to original just because of one person. He will sell it to someone on here and that will be the end of another Avanti being put back to how it came from the factory. This car
is not for me. Its for my dauther and son-in-law who are in their early 20's and the backbone of the future of the SDC. Instead of having an original Avanti, they will have one with a bastard engine. Sure, its something to be proud of, but not nearly the same. As soon as I heard the original engine was available, I told them I would get it for them. My son-in-law had shown all his Marine buddies the car and how it would be some day. Now that dream has been shattered because of one person.
Am I upset? HELL YES I am, as most anyone would be when lied to. I have talked with the guy and gone as far as almost begging him for the engine as it was. So its not like I have not tried to work this out man to man. David ------
No, he didnt have the engine at the time. He said he knew where it was and was trying to get it. Later, he said he could get it and asked if I wanted it. I said YES many many times.
The end of the story may be coming soon though. Everyone cross their fingers for me.