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This 1963 R2 factory Supercharged 4 speed is all original with 77,000 miles on it. I'm listing this for a friend, but am very familiar with the car. He is the third owner and has had the car since 1989. Unfortunately, the car has been in storage for most of the past 15 years and driven very seldom. It was last licensed in 2003. This car has no rust to speak of except for the usual surface on the underside of the leaf springs, etc. The frame and everything pertaining to the underside is solid, no cancer, none. There is no body damage. In speaking with the 2nd owner he told me the car was originally gray and that he painted it to match the interior, which is still original and in good condition for 42 years old. The only things missing off the car are the original hubcaps and the jack and original spare tire. All the gauges work, except for the clock. All the glass is good, the stainless on the car is all there and is very nice. The one piece on the hood has some pitting and a new piece is included with the sale of the car. The paint is 16 years old and looks like it. The wheels are real spokes with knock-offs. The tires are good but old. The engine starts and runs. It has 125 pounds of compression all the way through and good oil pressure. The supercharger works excellent. The engine needs a major tune-up, valve adjust and carb overhaul (runs rich). The dual exhaust under the car is very old and needs to be completely replaced. The T-10 4 speed shifts fine and the 2nd owner had it rebuilt before he sold the car. It has been driven hardly at all since then. The gear oil in the transmission and the posi 373 rear end looks new. This car is a marvel of engineering, for 1963. From the disc brakes, fiberglass body, supercharged engine, T-10 4 speed, posi-traction rear end to the vanity that pops up out of the glove box. This car is all here and solid. She needs to be restored. She is being offered at a very reasonable reserve in hopes that a special person will bring her back to her glory.
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