The vin is 63R3561. We purchased the car in May 1978. It was previously owned by William B. Couch in Kent. The car was stored in a big barn full of cars when we bought it. We drove it home and parked it in our garage which at that time did not have doors on it. It has always been under cover but it was several years before we had the garage doors installed. My husband had the car painted burgundy shortly after he bought it. It was originally beige and has a light beige interior.

For several years the car was started frequently but as the years passed the car was relegated to one side side of MY garage and neglected. Itís dirty. It has flat tires and has not been run in years but it is, I think, a solid restoration project.

We still have 18 acres to care for, it has become obvious that the Avanti restoration is not going to happen for us. Itís time for someone else to have the opportunity.


Ronna ( email)

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