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This is a early year 1964 Studebaker Avanti(this is why it has round instead of square headlights). Third owner. It is in its original condition(meaning it needs restoring) as far as I can tell. Never been restored, needs to be repainted and cleaned up. Original Upholstery. The mileage is the original mileage. It has been kept in a garage for 30 years. It has new brakes, battery, and the carb has been rebuilt. The car is in running condition. Air Conditioner works and still blows cold air. This car has power windows. The driver side works, but the passenger side does not. Have not investigated as to why that is. The "hog troughs" or body mounts are in good condition. I have the jack, but not the spare tire. I do not have the owner's manual.

I can trace the ownership of the car back to 1972 and can verifiy that during this time only the trunk lid was repainted(around 1972) due to fading and the rest of the car was rubbed out for fading. It appears to have been repainted at some point between 1964 and 1972 due to some paint being on a couple of pieces of rubber trim. I say appears because during re-painting the trunk lid, there was no paint under the paint.

I also have the following parts that come with it.
* Engine
* Rear End
* Gas Tank & Filler Pipe
* Power Steering Pump (New)
* Drive Shaft
* Sway Bars (front & rear)
* Water Pump
* Chrome Wire Looms & Chrome Dist Cover
* Heater Controls
* Gas Tank Door
* Front Calipers & Bracket
* Distrubitor (rusty)
* Fuse Block
* Super Charger Brackets & Pulleys
* Fan
* Gas Pedal Linkage
* Rear Springs & Shock Brackets
* Exhaust Manifolds
* Gauges & Glove Box Tray
* Rear Traction Bars

* Misc. Small Parts
* Steering Column
* Automatic Shifter

If you plan on bidding on the car and have any questions, email your phone number and I will call you.
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