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Well, engine-wise it is stock. Suspension as been beefed up with heavy duty stabilizer bars and the orginal Gabriel shocks are set on hard. A front air dam clears the ground about 2 1/2" , hood is loovered, and rear spoiler is in place. Wheels are 7 X 15 AERO racing, with P205/70 R15 front, and P235/70R15 rear. Tire rating 149mph. Interior has 2", 4 point mounted roll bar used primarily for the 5point harness assembly and camera mount. What I do with this car is Open Road Race, in TX at the Big Bend (120mile boomerang) and in Nevada at the Silver States Classic (90 mile one way). I usually run in the 100 mph class but next week in TX will try my hand at 110mph. The object of these races is to average the speed you select. Your safety gear will limit you as to the maximum speed you can obtain while on the course, and then there is a minimum speed which you cannot go under. By the way, the course is a State Hwy which has been closed for the duration of the race. There are usually from 125 entries to 200 in these races, with classes starting at 95mph to 170mph in 5mph increments, and then there is the unlimited class which record is presently 198 mph average. You will find all makes and models of cars entered, from exotics to your fathers oldsmobile. If you take Turning Wheels magazine check March issue for a short story on the car and race.
Bill Brandt

1963 Studebaker Avanti R2, modified to R3 specs-----S/N 3801 of 3834 Produced-----WT.3140lbs.-----Wheelbase 109"-----Fiberglass Body-----289cu inch bored .060 over-----V4 Paxton Supercharged,(16# boost)-----special cam (288 degrees), special valve springs, hypereutectic pistons, larger ported heads, aluminum intake, cast exhaust headers, -----625cfm AFB carb in pressure box----- approx.350hp----- Borg Warner T10 4speed-----Front Disk Brakes-----3.07 Rear End-----15 inch racing wheels-----160mph at 6000rpm.. Heavy duty stabilizer bars, ground effects, roll bar and touring seats

r3801m.jpg r3801n.jpg

In 2004, the car was caught in a warehouse fire, totally destroying the body. The engine and chassis were good enough to place in a different car, so Bill set out to do just that.

Unfortunately, in late 2006, Bill Brandt passed away xr3801bfeb05.jpg