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1963 Avanti R-3841 - October 2016

Air Conditioning an R2

Planning for adding Air Conditioning the 1963 Supercharged Studebaker Avanti R2 for next summer (2017)! Adding an AC compressor to a supercharged engine poses a few challenges and requires resources of knowledge, tools, money and specialty items. Tools include: Li battery lights and drill; taps and dies, lathe and milling attachment and lots of wrenches. Key were a specialty bracket to mount the compressor and adaptation of a condenser, compressor and means to create the AC hoses with fittings. A foot of extruded PVC (3 1/4" dia) from which to machine the AC air outlet bezels and a replacement Evaporator/Heater. A few pictures of these parts and progress. Compressor/alternator are installed; hoses and removal of stock Heater are next.