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I am listing this car for a friend this is what he has to say about this beautiful Avanti.
I have owned this car since 1990. Over the years there has been much done. One of the first things I did was to have the old paint taken off by media blasting. It was painted back as close to the original color as the paint shop could do. Then I had the interior redone. Several years back a new dash pad from Stude International was installed. When I first got the car, it had a replacement short block in it but the original block was included. 5 or so years ago the replacement short block had an issue and instead of trying to fix this, I opted to rebuild the original engine. This was accomplished by an experienced Studebaker person and the car runs excellent. To name a few things that went into the engine, it was bored .030 over, new hypertectic silver lite pistons, grant cast iron rings, re-ground R2 cam from T. Harbit, new Ferrea intake and exhaust valves with hardened seats, new valve springs and guides. Heads had ports matched and valves ground at 3 angles. Short block has been balanced. R2 carb was rebuilt by Daytona Parts Company. Also have a Dave TBow electronic distributor. Car has been driven about 4000 miles since this rebuild.
Powershift transmission was rebuilt about 6 years ago. If the car is not driven for a month or so, there is a very small amount of dripping on the mat that I keep under it. Tranny shifts excellent. I would guess it has about 6000 miles on it since rebuild.
Brakes were upgraded to larger discs on the front and has rebuilt rears. NOS master cylinder was added 2 months back. Rear end is a 3.54 ratio. Re-cored radiator and heater. New and correct hog troughs were installed about 3 years ago.
Car has power windows. The lift motors were replaced with GM units which are easier and cheaper to get and work just fine while retaining the original look from Studebaker on the door panels.
Front suspension has been rebuilt.
I don't drive this car in rain. Some time back the wipers got turned on by accident and they did not want to park at first when they were turned off. Several on and off attempts got them to rest in the proper position. The on/off knob is missing.
This is an excellent car to go anywhere one would choose to go. Over the years of ownership I have rebuilt or replaced anything that it needed and got the best at the time I could find. As with old cars there are NO GUARANTEES . I have described it as best I know how. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call me (Harold) on my cell phone at (704) 724-3674 ask and an answer will be given promptly.