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1964 Studebaker Avanti R-5546

(this is the factory R3 (R5546) ((George Krem's old gold Avanti)) Paint and all trim was stripped when bought. Needs a ton of work, but you will see it back on the road and car shows next year.

R-5546 was George Krems car for many years. He sold it to Bart Ladd in 1993 and stripped the car to paint in 1998. He never got around to painting it and the car was in various pieces. Nimesh Solanki bought the car from him in 2007 and had it for a few months. He sold it to Tom Kazale of Chicago. Tom has the car and is the perfect owner, as he owns B67 also along with a Solanki R3 that I have built for him and B24 that I sold him. NS/Jan 2008

Nimesh Solanki