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Thread: "Last Production Car Made in South Bend"- 87 Avanti

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    "Last Production Car Made in South Bend"- 87 Avanti

    I had the opportunity this week to try and tighten up the door gaps on the Kelly 1987 Avanti #142 and repair the passenger power window. See the registry here: https://www.studebaker-info.org/AVDB2...0142x0911.html

    Passenger Door panel had this underneath, looks like the assembler's initials and a date:

    Attention was turned to the drivers side door

    Here is the car number on the cardboard rear of the panel:

    And again initials but with an interesting message:


    This car was sold with 332 miles on 5/6/88 in Youngstown, Ohio. Google maps says a general distance from South Bend to Youngstown is 313 miles. Looks like it was the last car produced in the old Studebaker factory.

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    To:Red350DropTop,....... Thanks for posting this. That's certainly one historic Avanti. looks to be in nice shape too!

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    I was just thinking about this the other day "When did Avanti production end in South Bend?" and now I know! I believe it was summer of 1988 when I visited South Bend and Newman & Altman for the first time. Stepping into Newman & Altman was magical to me. Too bad I couldnt have visited one year earlier and seen Avanti production in action, that would have been a great memory.

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    That's a great car, glad it survived. For a SB native though, kinda sad that it's the absolute last one to leave the plant here. Will you have it at the international meet? I'd certainly like to see it.
    I think that a friend of mine at work, George, probably had a hand in building that car. He worked at Avanti until the end of production and then went to work at Avanti Parts and finally N&A all the way to to SASCO and SI. If a guy named George Imler autographed your car, he still works for Studebaker......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Dresbach View Post
    If a guy named George Imler autographed your car, he still works for Studebaker......
    I wonder if he could confirm this car's story...or know who KLR might have been?
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