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1925-26 Studebaker Special Six - Model EQ

Photo - Courtesy of John Thorburn

That is a 1925-26 Special Six Model EQ. Studebaker started production of this series in August 1924 and continued thru 1926 with only minor alterations. The only feature that distinguished the 1925 from the '26 on the Special Six was the windshield visor. The one you show in the card above has the later version visor so the series of cards you have show are likely from 1926. The other two cars in the line-up at that time were the Big Six model EP and the smaller Standard Six model ER. There was also a series of advertising cards for these two models. All were originally contained in a slip cover. I believe I have all the models and body styles for all three series. You are correct that Studebaker downplayed the arbitrary use of model years during this era. This announcement was made in April 1926 and carried prominently in Studebaker advertising at the time. There logical explanation is below. They continued this practice until the 1932 model year.
/Richard Quinn / SDC Forum - Feb 2011

(From Studebaker literature)

    Studebaker motor cars are kept up to date by constant improvement instead of by exploitation of yearly models. Betterments of a mechanical nature are incorporated in the chassis as soon as the Manufacturing Department has approved them. They are not saved up for a yearly model. Conversely, there is no occasion to rush a change of design into production without adequate tests in order that it may be featured in an annual announcement. Once an improvement in design is approved it is put into production forthwith, whether the month be May or October. Thus you may buy a Studebaker at any time of the year with confidence that no improvements are being held back for the next yearly model. Studebaker neither announces annual models nor does it stress in its advertising the changes which are made from time to time.