The first owner purchased this car new from Packard of New Haven, CT. He owned it for quite a few years and sold it to a good friend of the third owner. By then, the car was a used up Packard and probably would have been put out to pasture. The second owner sat on the car for a few years when the third owner kept pressing to get it. The step daughter tells me that her step Dad was a self taught mechanic and car restorer. He worked as a machinist and the parking pass still resides on the side window of the car. The step dad bought the car and went to work on getting her back to road ready. He always wanted a convertible look but didn’t want to cut the top off, with his newly acquired upholstery skills, he set out to create that look on his 400. He slowly went through the car and totally restored it. He did all the body-work himself. He rebuilt the motor and polished chrome and aluminum trim.. He even reupholstered the entire interior. In 2009 he took the finished product to the Southbury Car show and won first place. Unfortunately, as life would have it, he was less able to drive and enjoy the car but always managed to take it to the Southbury show. Over the last 4-5 years, the car mostly sat in his garage. This particular automobile has 75,000 miles on the 352 V8 and is highly optioned with electric clock, the “Ultramatic” auto transmission, Easamatic Power Brakes, power steering, power seats, and power windows. The car starts and runs beautifully, the dual exhaust thumping in a low rumble. This car is in stunning, show worthy condition however is priced to sell.