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All Stude C-cab truck fenders, doors, and cabs are more or less interchangeable from 1949 to 64, with the following exceptions:

1. The 49-53 (2R) windshields were two-piece. The 54-64 windshields were one-piece, and so all cowl/cab front panels from these trucks are the same.

2. 2R and 3R rear windows were smaller than those on E (1955) and later, so the rear panels on these later trucks are the same.

3. All front fenders will interchange, but trucks with 17" or bigger wheels had fenders with larger wheel openings. And the holes for mounting the grille will be different or missing, depending on the year.

4. All floor panels will interchange, but the holes for various things are in different places.

5. All doors will interchange.

6. Hoods from 49-55 will not fit over the larger radiator mount on the 56 and later trucks, but all hoods will fit the earlier trucks.

7. All rear fenders will interchange.

Cab patch panels are available from Classic Enterprises. Rust-free complete cabs are hard to find east of the Rocky Mountains, though they occasionally come up on ebay or in postings on Stude Truck Talk: