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74 Avanti electrical

Photo - bob Streu, Bay City MI / Text - Skip Lackie, Washington, D.C.

      09 Aug 2012

      Skip Lackie Washington, DC, USA.

      I have a 74 Avanti. The cover is a flat piece of aluminum with a simple piece of paper glued to it that shows the fuses. Unfortunately (surprise!) the picture doesnít match whatís in the fuse box. Your fuse box looks like mine, and not like the diagram on the cover. Hereís what the diagram says:

      Left side from top:
      1. 20a HD light circuit breaker
      2. 5a W/S wiper circuit breaker (I have a fuse, as do you)
      3. 10a instr, elec wdo relay, brk warn, shift
      4. 10a back-up, tcs
      5. 6a radio-tape
      6. 15a elect ant (donít have an elect ant, suspect the directionals are connected to this one)
      7. 15a directional (nothing is connected to this on mine)
      8. directional flasher
      9. same
      10. 10a clock, interlock mod, ign buzzer

      11. 15a brake lights
      12. 14a dome, cigar

      Right side from top:
      1. 30a a/c
      2. 15a heater
      3. 10a rear defog
      4. hazard flasher
      5. same
      6. 20a hazard warn
      7. 20a fog lights
      8. 4a cruise control (donít have, not connected)
      9. spare
      10. spare
      11. 20a electric window circuit breaker
      12. 20 sunroof circuit breaker (no got)

      Center bottom: 4a interlock relays