All right guys if you want something done do it yourself here's the answer "A steering shaft from a 1996 era Jeep Grand Cherokee will bolt into a G-body. The Jeep shaft has u-joints in the shaft rather than rag joints, which will reduce slop." The ones that will fit are 93-98 GRAND Cherokee. The one I got from a Grand Cherokee would not work but the one from a normal Cherokee did. Works great. Took 75% of the slop out of my steering. Rest has to be in the original steering box. Need to find that thing on tightening it. So anyway. The shaft is a perfect fit. My steering wheel is the straightest it's ever been, and plenty of space between the manifolds and the shaft. I breathe a sigh of relief. ------------------

So Grappler and I take it out for a test drive and beat on it pretty hard. As I said, the steering wheel is straight, responsiveness and tightness is incredible (especially w/ my ZQ8 steering box). The truck practically drives itself now! I don't have to swing the steering wheel back and fourth to keep the damn thing straight anymore! YAY! Several miles and tons of turns and curves later, I'm quite happy. On my way home, I start thinking. GM put the rag joint in, in part for vibration dampning. Hmmm. We really didn't run it through a test for that. What can I do? Well, this being Pennsylvania, the Pothole capital of the world, and being in Pittsburgh, the cobblestone capital of the world, I figured a little more testing was in order. First I head down some side streets where I know there are some bad potholes. Pretty good, but very hard to tell if there is any vibration when your truck is rocking back and fourth on the pothole slolam (sic?) I needed something else. I head for Squirrel Hill. (Those of you who live around here know what that area is like) I drove 2 miles worth of cobblestone streets. Not one iota of vibration through the steering column. It was a very smooth (albeit noisy) ride. I'm happy... But wait! There's more! I figured a speed test was in order. A lot of vibration can happen at higher speeds. Had to do it. I hit I-279. It's me, the road, the truck and a Venti coffee w/ a shot. (I picked up Starbucks). 50, 60, 80, 96 MPH.....Smooth as glass! I finish my coffee and go home. So in conclusion, for an average $25.00 or less and 2 hours of your time, you can have this mod and eliminate that damn steering slop causing rag joint and be happy! Just please be aware, this is a PERMANANT modification. Once you cut that stem off the steering shaft you are committed. It's not a hard mod. On a 1-10 difficulty level, I would rate it a 5. If you do do it, you will love it and wonder why you didn't do it sooner. If you decide not to do it, you can remain jealous of those that have and continue to complain about your steering slop. and this update Update It's now 1-1/2 years later, no issues to date with the steering or handling. you know what I think I talked myself into it. I'm in the process of rebuilding so once i get it all together and on the road i will let you all know. Edited by grwhite038 (09/30/08 01:13 PM) ------------

I know they said the ZJ ('93-'98) Grand Cherokees are a good donor for the shaft, but they share a lot of steering components with the smaller Cherokee (XJ). I'll measure the steering shaft on my '01 Cherokee Sport tomorrow if the weather cooperates and report back if it'll work as a donor. I also found this thread over on ROP - with some good pics and info about doing the ZJ steering shaft swap too. There is no cutting or welding necessary, the only reason they mention cutting of the steering shaft in the link copied from the S-series forum is because the 2nd-gen S-truck ('94-up) has a longer piece coming out from the firewall and needs to be shortened to allow sufficient room for the shaft to collapse. It's not an issue with the G-body. ------------

Ok guys Im going to have to put the warning stamp on this upgrade. I just got back from the yard and brought home a shaft from a 96 grand cherokee. The splines fit fine but the upper U joint does not fit. It seems too small. Also I noticed while I was at the yard that some jeeps all from 92-98 have different shafts. The one I picked up has a 7/16 bolt for the splines just like the monte has now some of the other jeeps had a 13mm bolt at both ends. The splines "looked" different I can not say for sure, but I went with what the video posted above said and went with the 7/16 bolt shaft and it does not "bolt right in" kinda pissed off I just spent 2 hours a 1/4 tank of gas $23 and I still dont have a friggin shaft! ----------------

Alright guys I have news that you will be happy to hear. I got the shaft in this morning. One thing to make the install easier, drive a flat head screwdriver into the gap of the upper U joint (where the bolt squeezes) and lube up the inside of the coupling and it will slip on much easier. Everything else is pretty much plug and play (dont forget locktite) smile The steering is VERY responsive and will take some getting used to especially if you had a really sloppy rag joint like I did. I like it a lot and would definitely recommend it. I am not sure if it would be almost overly sensitive if you were running large wheels and low profile tires, with my 15" wheels and tall sidewall tires it has just enough "play" Also one thing to mention is I swapped out my steering box for one I bought here a few years ago and apparently its a low effort box, which I really dont care for with the steering shaft upgrade. I think with the correct medium effort box (I havent looked up the part numbers yet) the car would drive great. Hope this helps! Any info on the correct box to look for would be appreciated also. ---

Based on my online research at and some of the various parts sites, I ~think~ you can get the intermediate shaft from any '93-'98 Grand Cherokee, and it'll have the same spline count on the intermediate shaft side as the G-body. I looked up steering boxes for a '97 Grand Cherokee and an '87 Monte Carlo over at, and it actually lists the same part number for both vehicles. I'm going to check with my friend at the local auto parts store tomorrow to confirm the spline count at the steering shaft on a few different boxes ('93 GC, '98 GC, and '87 Monte) but I suspect they will be the same. I'll keep you posted! ---------------

OK, I have some good news! I stopped by the local parts store today, and the guys were kind enough to pull out rebuilt steering boxes for an '87 Monte, a '93 Grand Cherokee, and a '98 Grand Cherokee. They ALL have 26-splines, plus the flat side where the clamp goes. So, any '93-'98 Grand Cherokee steering shaft ~should~ work, regardless of whether it has a 13mm or 7/16" bolt. I'll be the guinea pig for the 13mm bolt, unless someone else gets to it first. I have to try and locate one in a yard around here first! -----------

For what it's worth, I installed a '98 Grand Cherokee steering shaft today. Both ends used 8mm x 1.5 pinch bolts with 13mm heads. The bolts supplied were fully threaded unlike those pictured, but I've got no way of knowing if they were original to the shaft (it passed though a middleman before arriving). Installation was a breeze except for filing a small groove in the column stub to allow some room for the upper pinch bolt. Haven't had a chance to drive anywhere yet due to the car being unregistered all year. It needs an alignment badly following a ZQ8 spindle and AGR steering box swap but it seems nice and tight now. The last few years with a different set of spindles was not a lot of fun. ---------

So I went back to the yard today for the 3rd time and I still don't have one that will work. Today I got two with the 13mm bolts, one for me and one for a friend. Got the old one off the Monte and compared it with the one I got from the 97 Cherokee today with the 13mm bolt. The end that goes to the steering box will work, but the end that goes to the steering wheel will not work. It is way to small. Look at the pics.

The one on the right is out of the Monte. Look how big the opening is. The one in the middle is out of the 97 Cherokee. Look how small the opening is. The one on the left is out of a 89 Cherokee with the 7/16" bolts. The opening is the same as the Monte's but the shaft is frozen and I can't get it to collaps.

By looking at these pictures, you should know as soon as you look at them in the junk yard if it will work for your g-body or not. The one on the top WILL NOT work, the one on the bottom WILL work. The other end is the same on all of them and is not a problem.

Well fellow members the intermediate shaft that I pulled was from a 96 Grand Cherokee and it fit just about perfect and made a major difference in the feel of my steering and since this car see's alot of drag time as well as street time i can honestly say it was a worthy investment of $16.00 bucks and ten minutes of my time @ LKQ orlando. LKQ has about 15 or 20 of these jeeps and most of them have the proper shafts for our cars so if your having trouble tracking one down let me know and I will go pull one for you, and will send it to you with the reciept, but pay the shipping and parts price plus $10.00 for my time and gas

Alright. The one I grabbed Saturday was from a 97 Grand Cherokee. Top is too small. Glad I got the warranty so I can just go and exchange it. For those junkyarding their own. You need one with a ~1x3/4" top piece. I measured my factory one while it was off, which was fun putting back on.

Put one in mine about two weeks ago. The one I got from a Grand Cherokee would not work but the one from a normal Cherokee did. Works great. Took 75% of the slop out of my steering. Rest has to be in the original steering box. Need to find that thing on tightening it.

Grwhite038 your shaft is on its way. You should have it before the weekend! Thanks for the business. Thanks to you guys I have the replacement wiring harness for my transmission! Well I finally have plenty of these shafts! I cleaned out another Junkyard!!! These will be cleaned, painted, compressed, and lubricated so that they will compress for easy installation! Here is proof!