These picture show how I repaired my 1987 Sky Top Moon Roof.

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Move window open & remove these parts from on top of car & inside car. If there are any washers between the long pieces & the car take note of there location. They may be a spacer for adjustment   

The long pieces that go on each side engage in a slot when the window closes, this can be seen from inside the car. Using a flashlight inside the car close the window slowly & look in the rear corner. If it doesn't go in the slot you may need a small washer under the piece. On my car washers were installed on one side at the factory.   

remove headliner from top of rear window & sides then pull away from roll bar   

I removed rear headliner to push Sky Top up & tighten loose bolts   

after parts are removed put a towel on top of car in front of opening to protect paint. move Sky Top window forward & lift front up onto towel. unscrew hinges at rear & lift out   

remove from top of car   

I used 3/4" plywood to clamp the top, it had felt on one side to protect paint   

used a 1/2" brush to spread JB weld between the roof & Sky Top after I cleaned between them   

my Sky Top separated at the rear corners & sides only .DISCLAIMER:This method may not be correct & I cannot be responsible for anyone's results.I have no idea how long the repair on my car will last, I don't know if JB Weld was the right thing to use, the pictures just show how I repaired my roof.