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/////////Does anyone know what brand of vehicle the convertible top was used or modified for for the 1980"s Avanti's. Just looking for info thinking of making an Avanti convertible?////////

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\\\\\GM J Body cars.\\\\\/JS

NO It was not any GM car. The prototypes in the '80s were custom built, one by Straman in southern California, and the other modified a '77 or '78 with a custom top.

The 1987 to 1989 convertibles were a custom design. They first tried a Chevy Cavilier top, but that did not work well, so a Michigan prototyping company custom built the tops.
Lew Schucart
Editor, Avanti Magazine

Glad my answer wasn't totally blowing smoke Lew. I sure hope the 'experts' make note of this when they write the next (Avanti II) version of the authenticity manual, which after being very disappointed with the first volume, I will not be purchasing.