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The 87 Avanti had a transition in Brake Boosters/MC's. There were cars that use the same booster as the 73 - 85. Somewhere in the production run, they were changed to the more updated GM canted style.

Old Style

The booster from a 1973 AMC Matador 304 CID engine was a exact fit for an 87 Avanti. The part number was cardone 503107. I believe it is the same one used at least from 1973 to 1987 Avanti's as my 73 is the same.

***************** NOTE **************** June 2016

This is the current AMC Booster / 1974 Javelin 400 Engine, disk/drum brake booster (Cardone 5473105)

New type

My '87 Avanti uses the same dual-diaphragm booster as a '87 Monte Carlo or El Camino.

Cardone Industries # 54-71243

Most auto stores will carry Cardone.


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