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Studebaker Avanti Roll Bar Uninstalled (NOS)

Pics found on Ebay;
Uninstalled NOS roll bar
Base of bar attaches to rear of torque box at the Front of the rear wheel well)


Defining the amount of structural steel in the Avanti body. The A-Pillar supporting the windshield and door hinges is bolted to the forward end of the 16 gauge torque boxes. The torque boxes form the wheel well to wheel well support for the body. The roll bar forms what can be called the "B-Pillar", which entails the lock mechanism for the doors. There is no "C-Pillar" per se. The rear window has no steel support like the windshield and is mounted only on a flange made from fiberglass. Important to note; There is NO steel support in the roof beween the roll bar and the windshield. There are plied layers of fiberglass panel only. Lifting the body off the chassis should not use the roof between the A & B pillar, as a weight bearing point