1)   There are many adjustments in the Avanti window mechanism. First and fore-most is that the doors be adjusted first.

    2)  Then, the front channel should be known to be good (vertical run).   Then the vent window frame is adjusted to fit the "A" pillar.
    This includes the striking of the weatherstrip on the "A" pillar and the front of the main seal at the top of the door opening.

    3)   Next the window tilt is adjusted by the small horizontal track (just above the rectangular opening)   This can NOT be achieved if the guide pin is out of the plastic roller, or if the rollers are broken.

    4)   If the roller is broken in the short guide channel it will have to be removed and one swedged on nut be removed for a new roller to be slid in place.   You can tack weld on a new nut after new roller is installed.

    5)   The tilt of the window is adjusted by this small channel as the mounting holes are slotted. After you get the window adjustment the way you want it in the opening (with the window rolled up) and the gaps at the "B" pillar good,then you adjust the rear track, so the window doesn't bind when you roll it up and down.

    6)   The in and out adjustment doesn't do a whole lot for the in out tilt of the glass when the window is rolled up, but never the less it does contribute.

    7)   Finally install the top weather seal so it hits the glass frame evenly, and yes this may invlove re-drilling mounting holes and or shimming.

    8)   The main point is that the rollers must be good, the window fit the opening first (tilt), and the mechanism roll up and down smoothly before the top weather seal is attempted to be adjusted.

    Bezhawk - July 2011