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1989 Avanti Blower Motor

How to take out the blower motor in a 1989 Avanti.

I was having intermittent trouble with the blower motor in my 1989 coupe. I checked out (and eliminated) loose connections and poor grounds, so I had no other option than to take it out. I soon found out no one in the Avanti world could tell me how to do it.
I donít even consider myself a third rate mechanic but I tackled the job and got it done. It took me several days but I believe a good mechanic could do it in a few hours. Here is what I came up with.

1. Take out the right front seat (Highly recommended)

2. Pull back carpet on front, top of dog house, remove three screws and remove dog house.

3. You will see a some what rectangular plenum with a round two piece blower housing with the motor inside attached to the top of it.
Behind the plenum is the computer for the car. Remove one nut and move the computer out of your way.

4. Remove the three screws that hold the blower housing to the plenum.

Looking at the plenum there are three screws on the bottom flange, three on the right flange and two on the left flange. (Donít hold me to this count as Avanti Motors built this car). Remove these screws and break it loose from the side wall, then pull up on the bottom flange and rotate unit clockwise. It should come out with a little tussle. There is a male outlet on the blower housing that extends into a female inlet on the heater. There was plastic joint sealer on mine that I had to cut, to finally remove the unit.

5. I tried several times to put it back in as one unit but I never could get in back in because of the vacuum motor in the plenum.
)I, then put the plenum back in first, then the blower housing on top of it.
)Tighten the plenum to the sidewall and attach the blower housing to the plenum.
)I used sheet metal screws instead of the Phillips screws they used. That way I could use a nut driver to put them back in.
)Donít forget to attach the vacuum hose to the motor or your air conditioning wonít work right.

The Acme Radiator and Air Conditioning Company, who built these units, has been bought by another company and they no longer supply parts for these systems. At this time I donít know what this motor is out of. I would suggest if you have a bad motor just to try and have it rebuilt. When I finally got mine out it looks like a well built motor.

Max Starkey