1963 Avanti WS Wiper Pivot Repair

Feb 2017

Rob Dudley - AOAI Forum - Feb 2017

......a pheasant flew up and hit the windshield wiper as it committed hari kari. The strike left the right wiper halfway up the windshield. It turned out to have spun the splined hub on the pivot, stripping it. The driver seat had a broken track mount and the front speaker didn't work. Now is a good time to do some maintenance (with 2 ft. of snow on the ground), so I started with the wipers. I managed to get the pivot out around the air conditioner and since pulling the seat made it easier it came out too. I was able to reach the wiper motor and left pivot from the drivers side and by pulling the heater valve loose I worked the control rods out the passenger side.


With the pivot out I was able to pull the splined hub and determined that it is the same as one on the pivot of a '63 Lark ..... After removing the old hub, I filed the peened axle tip smooth and was able slide the new hub on and re-peen the end of the axle. It looks good. Now to try to get it all back in.


Here are some pictures of the wiper pivot I repaired. the first is of the (63) Lark pivot showing the splined axle and the damaged hub from the Avanti. Second is the repaired Avanti pivot. The third is the left pivot that is cross threaded and will need to be repaired next.