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1982 Avanti   RQB-3519   -   Oct 2023

Thermostatically controlled electric fan with Ducted Radiator shroud

Ref... (AOAI Forum #43644 - Oct 2023)

I did a LOT of research before buying this and it works really good. Fan assembly is Flex-a-lite #180. Control kit is Flex-a-lite 31165. The control kit is their heavy duty model and more expensive which includes a hard wired water temp sensor you can put in the thermostat housing or intake manifold. It also turns on all the time when the A/C is on, plus the fan starts up slow and then ramps up to max speed. The fan draws 18 amps at max speed, so I went ahead and replace the stock GM 67 amp alternator with a 125 amp PowerMaster 7127 alternator off Amazon. You can get the fan with their stock control unit but the reviews on it are not good. I called Flex-a-lite about that and they highly recommended getting the unit that I bought. You can also set the fan "on temperature" on the controller. Best price on the fan/controller is Summit Racing.