(SDC Forum #1941585 - April 2022)


This is what you have to do to replace the fuel vent line.

Remove the rear right quarter window.

Remove or peel back the right rear C-post covering that exposes a hole in the "C -post" (interior) fibreglass.

Through this hole , access the retaining clip that holds the uppermost part of the vent hose and open the clip some.

Pull up the vent hose thru the tanks compartment floor.

Securely attach a cord to that end of the vent hose and push it thru the end panel into the C-panel cavity.

Now thru the sail panel upper hole, move the vent line thru the clip, dragging the cord with it and eventually thru its respective hole into the tank compartment.

Make sure that the cord is long enough to remain over the clip and accessible in the tank compartment thru their respective holes.

Attach the cord to the new hose and reverse the procedure.

You may have to enlarge the holes some.

Use good quality fuel injection hose. You will not want to do this again! After the hose is in place, pinch the clip a bit and push the excess thru the floor bottom.

Re-attach the sail panel (upholstery) covering and re-install the quarter window..

This job should be done when the interior is being replaced!