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T-10 Four Speed Shifter Linkage Adjustment
By Mike Float

Recently had the T-10 4 speed rebuilt and have been going through the entire set up. I rebuilt the stock Studebaker 4 speed shifter because I am a purist and like to keep my cars original. When I got to adjusting the shifter linkage I read in the shop manual that the best way was to put an adjustment block on the top of the shifter linkage but I was confused as to what needed to happen. I was luck enough to find the adjustment block on EBAY. It was advertised fir a 59 to 63 Corvette T-10 set up. I am really glad I did this because reverse was off a little bit but the low gear linkage was way off. I think in the past the poor Studebaker shifter performance was not due to the shifter not being a good shifter, but it was due to the fact that the linkage was not adjusted properly.

Here are some pictures.