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Avanti Power Window Repair

April 2013

from SDC Forum

My passenger's window was painfully slow when I got my car, struggling to make the last inch up. The driver's side was much better, so I pulled the regulator and motor out, decided the motor was weak since it struggled to wind the spring with nothing attached to it on the bench. Bougth a new motor from SI, cleaned up all the hardware, pulled the gear reduction apart and cleaned and relubled it and all the pivots in the regulator The whole assembly looks very good. I put in new rollers, slid the window up and down adjusting the guides and lubricating the channels, etc.
I tested the regulator on the bench and it worked great. I installed it in the car and Wha-la! It still binds in the last inch up. It works twice as fast going up and down compared to the old motor, but it's still grinds to a halt about an inch from the top. The drivers side got relubed and new rollers and works as well as ever; going up and down quite well. Mocking me.
I've tried loosening up the guides, spraying more lube in the tracks and praying to it. Nothing but grabbing it and helping it go up works. It's binding on something and I can't see it. I slid that window up and down with the regulator out of there and didn't feel any excessive binding, either.
So here I am with a feeling of defeat, hoping somebody has a constructive suggestion short of the wife's: "We just won't roll it down!".

BEZHAWK:   Try adding an 1/8" shim behind the upper rear mounting bolt for the rear channel/track.
OK, I made some discoveries. It appears that the window is being forced out of the front track and away from the door. The first picture is of the driver's side window, and you can see the felt lining. That window is fine. The next picture is the window in question, up as far as I can get it. I know it's hard to see, but it's barely in the track. The next picture actually shows a gap between the front window channel and the glass! It's almost like it's the wrong glass for the window, since it's pulled back from the front track but still needs to come back towards the B pillar on the back side. I see the problem now, I just don't know what to do about it EDIT: I went out and looked things over again, and decided the rear guide was just way too loose. I brought that back in on the top and it cured that problem. I still have the same problem of the window not going up all the way, but I'm beginning to think a lot of it is alignment. I have the wing window loose now with the shop manual in hand, but so far no improvement. I've never had much talent with these kind of things (like door hinge adjustments) but hopefully I won't make it any worse!

Just an update for those who might be having similar problems: (Don't you hate it when you search for something and the issue you're having has been discussed, but never resolved?)

I found the problem!     Whoever was there before (not pointing any fingers...) replaced one or more of the bolts that attach the center pivot to the door. It was too long and was jamming one of the lift arms. New bolt, end of problem. Just something to keep in mind if you find yourself scratching your head after you've addressed all the hard things....