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Start with the door vent window removed and side window out.

Remove 4 motor brace bolts
3 pivot bolts,
2 idler track bolts

The entire mess will fall to the bottom of the door

Remove the motor from the transmission

Start to wrangle the mechanism from the door

Large and unwieldy...

Onto the workbench...

A couple of the mount bolts were peened flat to avoid unscrewing...

Remove the old transmission mount bolts

Clean things up....

Get familiar with how things look. Note the spring

The spring tension increases as the window goes down
Mark the point where the tension begins, so reassembly is easier

Lay the new motor on the opening

Use the carrier bearing as a registration for the bolt holes

Once the motor seats properly, mark the interference areas...

Dremel with a mini-metal cutoff wheel

Bottom removal was minimal. A bit more was filed away

Just before the final cut...

This motor is just a bit different than the Drivers side...

Top bolt needs a landing place also

Riveting bolt plate...

Moon gear clears bolt head nicely

Almost done..

Changing to a 9 tooth drive gear..

Double nuts with Red Loktite. Extra bolt is cut off

Good lube job....

Using elongated bolts to stand the motor off and figure out what has to be cut

Cutting little bits at a time

Door trimmed to fit motor

Measure twice and cut once

Finding the hole locations to drill thru the new strip

The hidden part of the strip had to be radiused to fit the curve of the door

The new anti rattle strip is on
//////////NOTE: June 2016: Found polarity reversing switches, so the entire relay assemble you see here is not required..///////

The new polarity reversing switches replace the relays

Old (original) switch and heavy wiring

The new switches in the console

So the new switches replace the old relay pack

Connecting the green (switch) to the door white creating a ground for the switch, from the old motor ground

The new switches

Using the original wiring

Weather seal with vulcanizing tape

Applying Battery power to check operation