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Avanti Brake Booster Replacement

( AVANTI -Bendix Power Brake Booster/MC replacement)
01 February 2002


From:Dick Tygielski - Benicia CA 94510
1968 RQA-0190 / 1973 RQB-1926 (July 2016)

The brake booster is from a late eighties Camaro.
The master cylinder is from a late eighties Buick Front wheel drive.
It has a lower master cylinder for hood clearance. I removed the mounting studs from the booster and elongated the holes with a rat tail file and it mounted to the Avanti perfectly. The proportioning valve is a Bendix unit (Ed. Note; later to be found to be a Kelsey Hayes Unit. Info Here )
that was originally was off an early seventies Chrysler product. I have found that test pressures for proportioning valves are identical. Makes sense since most American cars have fairly identical front rear wieght bias. They are considered unrebuildable, but they do come apart and can be cleaned and the strength of the rear spring determines the pressure to the rear brakes. In the underdash image you can see a sleeve nut on the brake push rod. The Camaro push rod is too short to reach the Avanti pedal. I took a push rod from another booster cut and threaded the rods 3/8"X24TPI to extend the rod. I had to drill a new hole in the brake pedal arm to attach the push rod. I used the GM special bolt, you may note the extra hole in the arm the first time I forgot to allow for the arc when the pedal is depressed.

Dick Tygielski
Benicia CA 94510
1968 RQA-0190 / 1973 RQB-1926

ED. NOTE( The MC is the same I used on my 4 wheel disk brake application, but the reservoir was changed / Bob Johnstone)

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