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Vitaloni Reconditioning

James Espey - May 2013

Not sure when they started putting this style of mirror on the Avanti (83-85, I think), but I have found a guy in Georgia that restores them.
The mirror is a Vitaloni brand, used on lots of Alfas, Maserati, Ferrari and other highline cars from the 70s to 80s.     They are expensive to replace with "like and kind", especially the power adjustable versions. The actual model of the mirror is a Vitaloni Tornado, which came in two different sizes.
The Avanti size, as far as I have been able to determine, has no further model designation, but the other size is commonly referred to as "Baby" and is noticeably smaller. Here are some "before and after" photos. He had the mirror for about a month, and charge $75 plus shipping. His name is Todd Spruell ( .

James Espey