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Posted 23 December 2007
I got tired of searching for lenses, so cut pieces out of a piece of "Darice 10 Mesh #33030 Clear" translucent plastic mesh material that I found in a Joann Fabrics store. It's a tight plastic mesh that I think is used as a backing material in some kinds of sewing or knitting.

I cut each piece to fit right inside the light fixture's inside rim, used a very small bead of contact cement to hold the edges, and it works pretty well. You normally don't see the lense on the dash's underside and (unless you're very short) you're not normally going to be looking directly at the rear courtesy lights. If you don't look really closely, they look enough like you'd expect "stock" lenses to look. And they effectively remove that "bare bulb" glare.

Since it is a mesh it should let more air in around the bulb to help dissipate its heat. The stock bulbs are #211-2 12v. I substituted #212-2 13.5v bulbs which feel less hot and which project a warmer (yellower?) light. I also tried #578 bulbs which gave the same white light as the #211-2 but may be a bit less hot.

The correct part number is 1-03488995. I've bought several from this seller on ebay.

1975 76 77 78 79 Cordoba 300 Charger COURTESY LENS Magnum B-Van D W Ramcharger

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