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December 2007

For whatever it may be worth, I also got tired enough of the mismatched a/c temp and fan knobs in my 83 and solved that by ordering from Vintage Air:

#20558-VUP blower switch label (off-lo-med-hi)
#20571-VUP Rotary thermostat label
#49457-VUI black plastic knobs (2 of them)

The knobs and labels look good, though I probably should have bought their #49457-VUI aluminum knobs.

I wanted some cold air on the door side of each front seat, so I installed one of their 49050-VUL center louvers under the dash on each side. On the passenger side, that involved drilling new mounting holes for the computer bracket, moving it an inch and a quarter toward the center console. The a/c outlet then went immediately outboard of the computer box. On the driver's side, I mounted the outlet just to the left of the steering column. For cold air supply, I ran 2 1/2" hose to the openings in the console sides. Just stuffed the hose into the openings,

It's not perfect but it's a lot better than stock. And the outlet pieces are hardly noticeable, as the passenger side one just looks to be an extension of the computer box and the driver's side one is visually almost hidden behind the steering wheel. If anyone wants to try this, let me know as there are a couple of other small mods you'll need to make it work right.