The Jet Thrust News

                                                          Issue #25                                                                                                              



The Jet Thrust News  (JTN)  is intended to provide a link among owners and enthusiasts of the R1, R2, R3 and R4 powered Studebaker Larks and Hawks built for 1963 and 1964 model years. We seek not only information about surviving cars but also components which exist from parted or scrapped vehicles. Please submit all the data of which you are aware on any of the nearly 2000 such cars built.


JTN is now offered at no charge via email. Hard copy distribution has been discontinued except for special purposes as arrange by your editor. Ownership is not required, only keen interest and a sharp eye. Please write, call or email. Please do not send subscription funds.


EDITOR & ROSTER KEEPER.....  G.J. (Ron) Ellerbe, P.O. Box 1783, Simi Valley, CA 93062          

Phone: (805)-522-4544       Email:


Founding Editor: Don Curtis   Past Editor: George Krem 




JT Production Lists by Serial Number

These listings tabulate all cars built by serial and engine number and a few additional details. They are useful for determining the factory original state of that JT car and/or JT engine origins. The 1964 list has more information on each car than the 1963 list, however, the 1963 list has nearly 3 times more vehicles.  Each listing is $10. To order either, make checks payable to G.J. Ellerbe and remit to the address above. These listings are not a replacement for production order documentation.  JTN highly recommends obtaining the production order (build sheet) for any car that a reader may own. The Studebaker National Museum offers such a service.


JT Owners Rosters: There are 3 rosters: 1) owners of 1963 JT cars,  2) owners of 1964 JT cars, and 3) owners of engines pulled from JT cars. These read only files are now free of charge and available only by email. 



All address corrections should be sent to the editor.



If you have a JT car to report, please supply the editor with the year, model, body style, VIN (driver’s door post), body # (firewall), engine type, engine # (top of block on driver’s side), transmission, interior and exterior colors. If it’s a ’63, please note if it has front fender badges and 160mph speedometer. Send photos, too. For a loose JT or JTS engine, send the engine # and any info on the donor car.



The Mission of the Jet Thrust News

A permanent goal of the JTN is the maintenance of the owner rosters of ‘63 and ‘64 JT cars and loose engines. These 3 rosters are published on the PC. Reports of JT cars that the JTN receives go into the rosters. That includes changes of ownership, engine transplants, survivor discoveries and news of parted and crushed vehicles. “Loose” means the engine is no longer in its original car. The roster trio is available as shown on the title page. The JTN keeps a library of photos and build sheets. Please send JTN your photos and build sheet along with that JT story. Amazingly, discoveries of surviving cars and engines continue to roll in. With the aid of the readership, we do our best to track down sightings and reports of JT equipped cars. JTN relies on its readers to report such sightings and to aid in identification. On line ad services of


Another part of the JTN mission is sharing of technical and historical information about Studebaker high performance from South Bend and Paxton Products during the 1963 and 1964 model years. 




Roster News

Surviving cars found since the last issue



Joe Zeiger

64V1854 R1 package GT Hawk












(S) indicates source of info, not owner


Cars parted








Found engines



Dan Miller

JTS 1633 out of 63V30999 GT Hawk




Cars sold

New Owner


Last owner





















For Sale Bob Kabchef