Time and health issues have pushed me into this.
I've been preparing this listing since late July 2019.

Occasionally, this has been online for testing, then removed for updates or tweaking.
A few Fortunate individuals have found it during beta testing and have purchased some nice items

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    Some of what's here:

    259 Pistons
    A/C Compressor Bearings>
    Avanti & Avanti II Parts
    Air Cleaners
    Avanti Console Parts
    Backup Light Switch (Avanti)
    Blower Motor (Avanti)
    Books & Manuals
    Brake Pedals

          64 GT Hawk
          70 Avanti II

    Carb Spacers
    Clock, electric - 48 Champion
    Clutches ( Flight-O-Matic)
    Crankshaft Bolts
    DG250 Parts
    Door handles(GT Hawk)
    Disk Brake Stuff
    Disk brake Kit (Rear)
    Electric Fuel Pumps (Holley)
    Electric Fuel Pumps (Facet)
    Electric Fuel Pumps (Carter)
    Engine Parts
    Exhaust manifolds
    Engine Fans
    Exhaust Pipes, Various, Avanti, Hawk
    F I Tech Fuel Injection (30004)
    Flight-O-Matic rear seals
    Freon - R12
    Freon - R22
    Fuel Pressure Regulators
    Fuel Pumps
    Fuel Filler Neck, AC Cobra type
    Fuel Filter (return)

    Heater Control Cables (55 Sedan)
    Heater Control Valves (Ranco)
    HEI Distributor (Studebaker)
    Hoses, Radiator
    Hurst gear Shift Knob
    Inertia Switch (Mustang)
    Interior Lights (Avanti)
    King Pin Kits
    King Pins
    Lug Nuts
    Master Power Bake Combo Valve
    Master Cyl (Strange) (1.125 bore)
    Master Cyl (Wilwood) (1.0625 bore)


    Muffler Resonators ( Stainless steel) 1.75" in/out
    Neutral Safety Switch (Avanti)
    Odd Stuff

    Oil filter mount ( Pre-62 spin-on)
    Parking Lights (Avanti)
    Pillar (A-pillar) Repair piece
    Pulleys, Crankshaft, Waterpump
    Pulley Spacers, Crank, Water pump
    Pulley, Crankshaft, SBC
    Quarter panel, GT Hawk Rear
    Ratcheting relay
    Reach Rod, Avanti, Power Steering
    Roller Bearings
    SBC Exhaust headpipes

    SBC Delco Distributor (window),
    Seat belts
    Silicone Remover
    Small Hardware
    Spacers, Pulley
    Spark Plug Wires (SBC)
    Starters (Stude / SBC)
    Steering Center pin & Bearings
    Steering Damper ( GT Hawk)
    Steering column Universals
    Steering Wheel (Walnut)
    Supercharger parts
    Suspension parts
          Lower Outer Pins
          Upper Outer Pins
          Control Arms
    Tail Lights (GT Hawk)
    Timing Gear
    Valve Covers ( Chromed)
    Ventshades (stainless)>
    Vintage Bumper Jack
    Vintage pieces (really old)
          Franklin Brake Pedal
          30's Stude Ash tray
    Vinyl Roof Chrome trim (Tiara) ( 64 GT Hawk)
    Wheel bearings
    Wheels spacers
    Window Motors & parts
    Window Switches
    Wiper Motor (?)
    Windshield/Back glass Seals (Avanti)

    Windshield washer pumps/pedal


    Books & Manuals             Odd Stuff             Avanti Parts             Miscellaneous             Really old stuff


    and other surprises I've forgotten about....

    1964 GT Hawk Prestolite Alternator
    with bracket
    ALK5001 - 35 Amp
    no regulator
    (worked when removed in 2009)
    Item #T1P1

    4227AX type fuel pump with
    fittings (B1)
    (working condition)
    has pressure reference for 57-58
    supercharged engine
    (57-58 Golden/Packard Hawk)
    Item #T1P3


      4227AX fuel pump with fittings (B1)
    needs kit
    arm stuck
    Item #T1P5

    Box of newer 4227 cores
    Just pay the shipping
    Item #T1P8
    Holley BLUE Fuel Pump (B15)
    Vintage 2000, used 2-3 years
    14 psi (requires a return line & regulator)
    Item #T1P9

    Purolator Elec. Fuel pump (B17)
    Used but very little
    around 3-5 psi
    Item #T1P11

    Facet EFP-3 Elec. Fuel pump (1 x B17) (2 x B19)
    Used very little
    three available
    around 1-4 psi
    $20.00 each
    Item #T1P12

    12V Carter Elec. Fuel pump (B19)
    Carter 60430 (2-6 psi)
    with Filter and hangar strap
    New - unused
    2 available
    $25.00 each
    Item #T1P14

    Carter Elec. Fuel pump (B17)
    12V - Soenoid type
    3-5 psi

    Item #T1P17

    Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator (B17)
    this one
    Used very little
    Adjustment stud drilled
    for supercharged engine
    Item #T1P19


    Fuel line filters (B21)
    1/4" NPT
    75 Micron
    $2.50 each
    Item #T1P22

    Spectre Fuel Pressure Regulator (B17)
    Used very little
    Works well but requires gauge

    Item #T1P23


    Vintage Fuel Pressure Regulator (B3)
    Needs cleaning but fair condition
    Ceramic filter is like new
    Item #T1P25

    AC Return line fuel filter (B17)
    Paper Filter
    Purchased maybe 7 years ago
    Used very little
    Uses 1/4 line for return to tank
    Use with 9-11 psi pump
    Cures Vapor Lock
    Item #T1P27


    Edelbrock 1" Heat insulator/spacer(B15)
    Hi-temp plastic
    New, unused
    Item #T1P30
    Edelbrock 1" Heat insulator/spacer(B15)
    New, in package
    Item #T1P31
    Phenolic 1" Heat insulator/spacer(B15)
    New, never on engine
    Used for Development
    Item #T1P32
    Package of Carb Mount hardware(B15)
    New, in package
    Item #T1P33
    Edelbrock 1404 (500 CFM) (RWCT)
    No choke
    Used maybe 3 years
    Engine had a small fire
    This got some extinguisher spray
    on the outside. Nothing got inside..
    Was opened and checked
    Item #T1P34


    Holley Quadrajet Replacement (B1)
    1975 Holley Econo-Miser
    Purchased new/used for 2-3 years
    Engine ran like a sewing machine with this
    Removed, Drained, shelved
    Nice condition
    Item #T1P37


    F I Tech Fuel Injection Kit
    Model #30004
    Power adder for Supercharging
    30004 Kit includes O2 sensor, water temp sensor, remote adjustment module / laptop interface
    PLUS new 60 psi Walbro fuel pump + over $200.00 worth of fittings/hoses
    100 Micron and 30 micron billet fuel filters
    Bought Nov 2018 - Stopped install before May 2019
    Was mounted on manifold, but never had gas in it
    My engine is supercharged w/airbox. I couldn't devise a way to allow all those electrical connections into the airbox without compromising the seal. End result / try something else / There's a lot of stuff here for cheap!
    $950.00 (firm price)
    Item #T2P1


    McCulloch VS-57 (B19)
    Tension Arm / VS-57 mount
    Excellent Condition
    Item #T3P1

    McCulloch VS-57
    Air Cleaner Inlet Elbow (B1) (B19)
    Excellent Condition
    2 available
    $45.00 each
    Item #T3P5

    Item #T3P6
    Variety of VS-57 Components
    End plates
    Main Planetary & bearing housing
    Bearings (tight)
    Oil Pumps
    These are USED items
    Item #T3AP1
    $50.00 for the lot
    (Boxes do not convey)

    More of this


      5 nice Stainless hubcaps
    only issue is the paint / 3 have red centers 1 has white, 1 has none
    All are the same stamping design $50.00
    Item #T3P9



      14" 4-barrel carb - Air Cleaner (New) , unused with filter
    Will not fit a car with Air conditioning
    Fits Edelbrock, not older Carter
    Item #T3P10



      9" 4-barrel Air Cleaner - Used - good filter
    Fits Edelbrock, not Carter
    Item #T3P12



    Avanti SBC Air Cleaner (top)
    1970 Vintage for Quadrajet carb
    Nice condition / chrome is shiny, but has some speckle to it.
    Item #T3P14



    53-55 Sedan
    Chrome trunk emblem, with gold plated "8" (B1)

    Item #T4P1


      Hood Ornament - 53-54 Sedan - good core
    Item #T4P4


      53-54-55 Sedan (maybe)/ Stainless Steel
    Fuel door guard
    6" between screws
    Item #T4P7



      55-64 Cover modified with a Neophrene seal. (B2)
    Crank hub has a Speedi-Sleeve installed
    This was converted and never used
    Item #T5P1


      Timing Cover with crankshaft hub ( 55-64 )
    Item #T5P4


      Timing Cover seal( 55-64 ) (B1)
    Item #T5P5


      Engine Filler Block (B10)
    Used but VG condition
    Item #T5P6



      Pair of front wheel hubs
    1 left threaded, 1 right threaded
    Missing 1 left lug, 1 right lug
    Item #T6P1


      Shoulder bolts (B22)
    V-8 Power Steering pump
    Removed after installing
    Vintage Air components
    Same as These
    $20.00 for all
    Item #T6P2


      Stude Air Conditioner (B22)
    Compressor Clutch Bearing
    Item #T6P3


      Stude Air Conditioner (B22)
    Compressor Clutch Bearing
    USED but usable
    Item #T6P5


    Dana 44 Rear axle shim (B5)
    Item #T7P1


    2 Dana Rear axle gaskets (paper) (2) (B9)
    Item #T7P2


    Spicer Universal Joint (B?)
    Likely for GT Hawk
    Item #T7P3



    Moog 9224B
    King Pin Rebuild Kit #1 (B11)
    Bushings, Shims, Needle bearings,
    Thrust Bearings
    (The thrust bearings are in very good
    Item #T8P1


    Moog 9224B
    King Pin Rebuild Kit #2 (B11)
    Bushings, Shims, Needle
    bearings, Thrust Bearings
    (The thrust bearings are in very good
    condition, although they might be used) / ICR*
    Item #T8P2


    Yet another King Pin rebuild kit (B10)
    Swap Meet purchase 6-7 years ago
    Item #T8P3


    More thrust Bearings (B14)
    New - unused
    Good condition
    $5.00 each
    (Use Pic # to order)
    Item #T8P4

    Item #T8P5   (B11)


    King Pin cork seals & shims (B9)
    Cork is stiff, but can be refreshed
    with warm cooking oil
    Item #T8P6


    Three Kingpins (B2)
    1533762 /(1)533766 (left & middle - have fitted sleeves over bearing surfaces)
    $50.00 pair
    1551414 (rightmost - looks unused)
    $25.00 each
    Item #T8P7


    Moog K-175 Upper control arm, inner pin kit (B11)
    Made for 1951-52 suspension
    BUT can be used to retro fit Avantis for R3 type solid upper arm bushings
    $45.00 ea ( 2 available)
    Item #T8P8



    Full set of inner bushings. (B9)
    Not NOS but, ICR when I purchased them ... Maybe ten years ago
    Item #T9P1


    Lower Outer trunnions (531192) (B9)
    New, unused, NOS rubber seals can be replaced with O-rings
    2 sets here, I have 4 sets
    $65.00 per set
    Item #T9P2


    2 NOS upper outer pins (531190) (B11)
    Have eccentric to adjust front end alignment
    $50.00 each
    Item #T9P3


    4 used, upper inner pins

    $10.00 each
    Item #T9P4



    Lower Control Arm
    Very good - only surface rust
    2 available
    Bushing and thread collars very good
    $15.00 Each
    Item #T10P1


    Upper Control Arm
    Very good - only surface rust
    2 available
    Bushing and Thread collars very good
    $15.00 each
    Item #T10P5



    Power Brake Booster FireWall Bracket (B11)
    Avantis (63-85) and R-engined Daytona, etc.
    Has actuator rod from pedal (not to MC)
    Item #T11P1


    Hydrovac, (Part 802100), Type A unit for Drum Brakes
    Has 2 NEW brake hoses from SI, a NEW check valve and vacuum hose
    The original mounting brackets (2) for the inner fender.
    This a newish looking unit that was was on my Hawk when purchased in 2000, but the Hawk had
    factory disk brakes and it wasn't up to the task. It was
    removed, drained, oiled up, sealed and put on a shelf in 2007.
    "Worked when removed", but no guarantee
    Item #T11P2


    Never on road / removed from vehicle during build
    All pieces except Caliper slide bolts & 1 banjo bolt (one provided)
    Rotors, Loaded Calipers (no bolts), brake hoses, copper sealing washers
    Other installation Hardware
    Item #T11P3


    Master Power Brake (B17)
    Combo Valve
    Syncs front / rear brakes
    Stops nose dive
    Built-in automatic Prop valve
    Item #T11P4


    Master Cylinder (Strange Engr) (B20)
    2 bolt - 1.0625" bore
    Used for development
    Never on street
    Item #T11P5


    Master Cylinder (WilWood) (B20)
    Wilwood 260-4893
    2 bolt - 1.125" bore
    Used for development
    Never on street
    Item #T11P9



    Master Cylinder (B20)
    (36237) (Turner type)
    2 bolt - 1.0" bore
    Recommended for Turner FDB
    Has external Fluid fill port
    Internally crossdrilled fluid chamber to maintain level
    Has RPV's removed
    Used but very usable
    Item #T11P12


    Master Cylinder (Eclipse) (B20)
    2 bolt - 1.0" Bore
    used here
    Used with Dunlop & Turner FDB
    Has Fluid ports for remote reservoir
    Comes WITH SAE to Metric pipes
    Used but very usable
    Item #T11P14



    Master Cylinder (GM Type) (B20)
    2 bolt - 1.0" Bore
    For Disk / Drum applications
    Used for development
    Heavy - $35.00
    Item #T12P1




    Two Brake Pedals (B11)
    $10.00 each
    Item #T13P1


    Brake Actuator rods, Clevis extensions (B11)
    One Avanti pedal to linkage actuator (B11)
    $5.00 each
    Item #T13P2
    Clevis pins & spring loops for above (included)


    Brake Pedal Pads (B11)
    $5.00 each
    Item #T13P3


    Package of Brake Shoe Hold Down Hardware (B9)
    Item #T13P4



    1955 Sedan Heater Control Cable (B1)
    Good condition
    Two Available
    Item #T14P1

    Item #T14P2
    Gas pedal Boot (B1)
    Sedan or Coupe
    Item #T14P3
    Dimmer Switch (B10)
    Oldie but a goodie
    Item #T14P4

    Chromed Valve Covers
    1951 - 1960 (4 bolt)
    Not Perfect but pretty nice
    Item #T14P6



    F-O-M / Powershift rear seal (B3)
    Item #T15P1


    (another) F-O-M / Powershift rear seal (B3)
    Item #T15P2


    Bendix Power Steering Control Valve Rebuild Kit (B3)
    Item #T15P3


    Fender spear (lighted fin) housing (64 GT Hawk) (B2)
    Chrome is crazed
    Item #T15P4


    Kit to install a standard Unity SPOTLIGHT on a late 55 Sedan
    Unity Bracket #109
    new / All required parts plus a template / chrome is perfect
    Item #T15P6


    1938 Rear Seat Robe Rail Support Kit (B3)
    No fabric / NEW mounts and Chain support / all hardware included $25.00
    Item #T15P8



    6 Volt interior Light fixture (B2)
    Application Unknown
    Item #T15P9


    Another 6 Volt interior Light fixture (B2)
    Application Unknown
    Item #T15P10



    Suspension Rebounder (B2)
    Item #T16P1


    Engine Mount (truck?) (B7)
    Older Rubber
    Item #T16P2


    Sway Bar Isolators
    ICR if they're new
    Item #T16P5


    Various Rubber Isolators (B10)
    New - Unused
    $5.00 for the set
    Item #T16P6


    Package of Valve Stem Umbrella Seals (B10)
    New - Unused
    $5.00 for the package
    Item #T16P7


    Package of Valve Seals (B11)
    "Crimp on Guide" type
    New - Unused
    $5.00 for the package
    Item #T16P8


    Spring Shackle Bushings (B3)
    NOS - Rubber
    Box is worth more than the rubber
    Item #T16P9


    62 - 64 GT Hawk Steering Damper (SWALL)
    Item #T16P10



    5 Frame (?) Clips (B1)
    They look like brake line stays
    Item #T17P1


    Mystery Hardware package (B2)
    Application unknown / anyone recognize it? $5.00
    Item #T17P2


    Trim Installation clips
    Various Sizes
    Application unknown
    Item #T17P3


    Dorman Core Expandable Plugs (B10)
    Solid Copper
    Install with Red Lok-Tite
    Never look back
    12 Pieces @ 1.5" (Pre-1962 blocks)
    Item #T17P4


    NAPA #128
    Master Cylinder Kit (B10)
    New - $5.00
    Item #T17P5


    Master Cylinder Fluid Diverter (B11)
    Banjo Bolt with Land
    $5.00 each
    Item #T17P8

    Item #T17P9


    Master Cylinder Fluid Dual Diverter (B11)
    Banjo Bolt with Land
    Item #T17P10


    Copper sealing Washers (B11)
    For Banjo Bolts


    1.0615" Wheel Cylinder kit (B6)
    2 Springs, 4 ends, only 3 scrapers
    Item #T17P13


    Wheel Cylinder kit (B10)
    As described (3/4"?)
    Never Opened
    Item #T17P14


    Power Steering Pump (B10)
    Item #T17P15

    Part # 1549567p

    Wall Size Wiring Diagram (S1)
    for 56-64 Hawk
    One master (collage) to use for copies
    two copies /three pieces total
    Item #T17P16




    Radiator Hose #1546378 (B15)
    Lower on 61-64 Hawk (V8)
    New Hose ( 2006) - Unused
    Item #T18P1

    Have another used one that I'll throw in

    Flex Hose 1317 (B15)
    1.5 X 1.75 @ 17"
    (Unused - Circa 2006)
    No internal spring
    Item #T18P4

    Flex Hose 1318 (B15)
    1.5 X 1.75 @ 18"
    (Unused - Circa 2006)
    Internal Spring included
    Item #T18P6

    Flex Hose 1319 (B15)
    1.5 X 1.75 @ 19"
    (used - Circa 2006)
    No Internal Spring
    Item #T18P8

    Molded hose (B15)
    GoodYear 60-049
    1.75 X 17"
    Likely Lower Avanti SBC
    No internal spring
    Item #T18P10

    Molded hose (B15)
    Brand ?
    1.75 X 17"
    Similar to 60-049
    Used but good cond - no spring)
    Item #T18P12

    Molded Radiator Hose (B15)
    64 GT Hawk V8 Upper
    Removed in 2016 post A/C work
    Probably 5-6 years on car
    but little mileage
    Used, good cond - w/ spring)
    Item #T18P14

    Molded Radiator Hose (B21)
    Used, but good condition
    1.75 X 16"
    No spring
    Item #T18P16





    2 (Two) 12 volt, 20 Amp Circuit Breakers (B3)
    $5.00 each
    Item #T19P1
    Item #T19P2


    6 Volt, 20 amp Circuit Breaker (B3)
    Item #T19P3


    12 volt, 15 Amp Circuit Breaker (B5)
    $5.00 each
    Item #T19P4


    Ratcheting Relay - 12 Volt (B19)
    Winebago Part
    Make your car a Push-Button Start
    Item #T19P5


    Transistor Ignition (63-64) (B10)
    Don't know if it works
    I used it as a display
    Item #T19P8


    Turn Signal Switch (B9)
    Used from 62 Lark
    Item #T19P10


    Inertia Switch (94' Mustang)(B19)
    Electric Fuel Pump cutoff
    Operates as designed
    no wire connector
    Item #T19P11


    S O L D ! Aluminum vented gas filler cap
    Item #T19P13


    Bag of Carburator linkages (B3)
    Six pieces, all the same
    Item #T19P15



    Adjustable Carb Dashpot (B1)
    Spring loaded, not vacuum
    Application unknown - Unused
    Item #T20P1

    Vacuum Dashpot (B10)
    Boosts idle when letting up on throttle / Used to assist A/C equipped cars
    Item #T50P10


    Carb accelerator pump (#1555570) (B3)
    Application Unknown / looks fairly new
    Item #T20P3


    WCFB Carb Kit (B7)
    Never Opened
    Gaskets still appear pliable
    Item #T20P4


    WW Carb Kit (B10)
    New unused

    Item #T20P5


    PCV Valve (B1)
    Never used / rattles when shaken

    Item #T20P7



    3 Connecting Rod PAL nuts (B3)
    Item #T21P1


    Cast Iron piston rings (B3)
    ...but only 1"-2" in diameter
    Application unknown
    Item #T21P2


    Large, thick steel washer (B2)
    Likely fits the crank bolts
    Item #T21P3


    V-8 Crankshaft Bolts (B2)
    Item #T21P4


    Vintage Air Crank Bolt kit (B22)
    New Bolt with hardware for pulleys
    Item #T21P5



    Battery Hold Down (B3)
    Missing one J-bolt
    Lot includes top bar (black) (B19)
    Item #T22P1


    Unupholstered Hawk Sun Visors (pair) (S1)
    Nice Chrome, plastic ball pins ok but were repaired
    Item #T22P4


    Hawk Dash Gauge Housings (B3)
    Likely 56-64
    Item #T22P5


    Hawk Door Lock? (B11)
    No Key
    Item #T22P6


    Oil Line (B9)
    Swap Meet purchase
    Item #T22P7



    Window Regulator (B1)
    GT Hawk ( Drivers Side)
    good condition
    will throw in a new gear case (B10)
    $20.00 for all
    Item #T23P1


    Stainless Steel Exterior Window Shades (Ventshades) (S-top)
    I believe for a 1955 Sedan ( I used to own one)
    Inscription on each piece for application
    2 pieces - S23RR/S23LR 23.75" long, tip to tip
    2 pieces - S23RT/S23LT 18.0" long, tip to tip
    Brand new, never used
    4 pieces
    Item #T23P3


    63-64 GT Hawk inner fender Heater assembly (Top)
    Heater Core, Shroud, Air Filter
    good condition
    Item #T23P5


    Wheel bearings (Timken - Made in USA) (B2)
    Used but VG condition
    Four A2 bearings, Two A2 Races
    One complete A6 Set
    Two Dust Caps, Three spindle Washers, Two Spindle Nuts, Two Cotter Pin Keepers
    Item #T23P6


    TIMKEN 14131A (bearing) (2 pieces) (B14)
    Timken 14276 (race) (1 piece)
    Timken Set #6
    all New
    $5.00 each ( will recheck)
    Item #T23P7 A-(Race) B-(Bearing) C-(Race) D-(Full Set)

    Axle bearing keeper #107271 (B14)
    Dana 44 Axle
    $5.00 /pair
    Item #T23P11


    Rear Axle Seal #40769 (B14)
    Dana 44 Axle
    Item #T23P12

    Wheel Bearings 2 sets -A6 (B14)
    Wheel Bearings 2 sets -A4 (B14)
    $16.00 for all
    Item #T23P13


    Wheel Bearings (B14)
    One A2 set (Used but VG cond.)
    Item #T23P14


    Wheel Bearings(B14)
    LM11949 NEW
    Item #T23P15

    Oil Seals (#49603) (B14)
    $5.00 each
    Item #T23P16




    NOS -Automatic Drive Emblem (B3)
    1953-1955 Sedans & Coupes
    Templates included
    Item #T24P1


    KAT's Battery Heater (B3)
    115V - Place under battery
    Plugged in externally
    Never used
    Item #T24P2


    Block Heater (AC3629) (B3)
    Replaces one core plug
    120 volt - NEW
    Item #T24P3


    AC-3456 (B21)
    Child Guard Door Locks
    New in the box
    Item #T24P4



    Ranco Heater Control Valve (#1) (B3)
    Used, good condition, with thermocouple
    Item #T25P1


    Ranco Heater Control Valve (#2) (B3)
    Used, good condition, with thermocouple
    Item #T25P2


    Ranco Heater Control Valve (#3) (B3)
    Used, good condition, with thermocouple
    Item #T25P3


    1958 Hawk Grill Emblem (B3)
    Fair - good condition
    Driver Quality
    Item #T25P4


    1958 Hawk Grill Emblem (B3)
    Poor condition

    Item #T25P7


    Small Hawk (60?) Grill Emblem (B3)
    Good condition
    Driver Quality
    Item #T25P8


    Small Lark Grill Emblem (B1)
    Good condition
    Driver Quality
    Item #T26P1

    64 GT Hawk (B1)
    Hood Emblem
    Driver condition / Speckled / rash
    All pins good
    $10.00 each
    Item #T26P3



    SDC Grille Emblem (B1)
    Home Made - Printed logo
    Laminated on aluminum plate
    Good condition

    Item #T27P1


    Hawk Emblem (B1)
    Nice condition
    No damage
    Item #T27P3



    Interior Light Housing
    year unknown
    Item #T28P1


    Lever Arm (B3)
    Pivot rod is 5" long
    Application Unknown
    Item #T28P4


    Wagner Brake line Check (No-Rol) (B3)
    New - never used - 6 Volt unit
    Can be installed on any (Automatic transmission) car with appropriate throttle switch
    Item #T28P7


    Heat Riser Weight & Spring (B1)
    Half of the shaft included
    Item #T28P9


    Two seals / neophrene lip with a felt wiper (B3)
    About an inch thick
    Application unknown - AC-2701 ?
    Look like rear axle seals but ?
    Item #T28P11


    Rocker Arm Shaft Plugs (B3)
    Item #T28P13



    Dash Light and Wiper Switches (B1)
    Both work, but the plastic tips are toast
    Item #T29P1


    Hawk Guage Housings (B3)

    Item #T29P2



    Stude V8 W/Pump Pulley (B22)
    Air Cond. applications
    Crank, water pump, alt.
    Item #T30P1


    Stude V8 Crank Pulley (B22)
    General Purpose
    Same as this

    Crank, fan, alternator, PS
    Item #T30P4


    Stude V8 Crank Pulley (B22)
    General Purpose 6.375"
    USED #1
    Crank, fan, alternator, PS
    Item #T30P5


    Stude V8 Crank Pulley (B22)
    General Purpose 6.375"
    USED #2
    Crank, fan, alternator, PS
    Item #T30P7


    Stude V8 Crank Pulley (B22)
    General Purpose 6.375"
    USED #3
    Crank, fan, alternator, PS
    Item #T30P9


    Crank Pulley Spacer (B22)
    3.5" x 0.5"
    Item #T30P11


    Fan pulley Spacer (B22)
    3.5" X 1.0"
    Item #T30P13


    Fan pulley Spacer (B22)
    3.5" X 0.5"
    Item #T30P15


    Hayden Fan Spacer Kit (B22)
    Universal / hardware - 1.5"
    Item #T30P17

    Universal fan spacer (B22)
    2.0" / no hardware
    Item #T30P19



    Steering Center Pin Assembly (B1)
    NOS - Bushing type
    Studebaker-International price $125.00
    Here for $75.00 ( and NO core charge)
    Item #T31P1


    Steering Center Pin (B6)
    no wear marks
    Item #T31P2


    Steering Center Pin Bearings (B10)
    New Torrington Needle bearing
    8 boxes
    Item #T31P3
    Item #T31P4
    Item #T31P5
    Item #T31P6
    Item #T31P7
    Item #T31P8
    Item #T31P9
    Item #T31P10



    Timing Gear (B1)
    NOS - Celeron
    All 1951-64 V-8’s except 1956J; 3E-8E Trucks models 2, 7, 12, 13, 28 & 38 Part #532130
    In SI Catalog 1554448 @ $130.00

    Yours for $75.00 (great box included)
    Item #T32P1


    Set of GT Hawk Tail Lights
    Good Condition
    Item #T33P1


    one (1) GT Hawk Tail Light (B1)
    Driver quality
    Item #T33P4



    GT Hawk Door Handles (B2)
    New, never used
    Cast, not stainless
    Brilliant chrome, but
    One small flaw on the underside of one
    Item #T34P1

    Another ( has some wear & rash)
    Item #T34P3

    Inside Door Handles (rash)
    Item #T34P5



    Window Handles

    6.00 each
    Item #T35P1

    $3.00 each
    Item #T35P2
    Item #T35P3

    $3.00 each
    Item #T35P4
    Item #T35P5



    Shock mounting Kit
    Four cushions (good)
    Four concave washers
    Two lock nuts
    Item #T36P1


    V-8 Exhaust gaskets
    Composition type
    Item #T36P2


    Two sets of PRESTOLITE Ignition Points
    62-64 V-8 single point distributor
    1959 Six w/Prestolite
    1960-64 Six
    2 available
    Item #T36P4
    Item #T36P5
    $7.00 (each)


    Prestolite Cap & Rotor (New) (B10)
    62-64 GT Hawk

    Item #T36P6


    NOS Door Lock Striker
    62-64 GT Hawk
    Right Side
    Item #T36P7


    Stude Door Lock buttons (B21)
    Item #T36P8


    62-64 GT Hawk
    AM Radio (solid state) (S1)
    Item #T36P9


    Seat Belt Set
    Non Stude
    Item #T36P11


    Chrome Seat belt Bolts (B11)
    Item #T36P13

    Various Bumper Bolts (B11)
    $2.00 Each
    Item #T36P14
    (Click on Pic to ID)

    CHROME Roof Tiara (Rare!)
    Part #1360976
    Stainless steel
    Vinyl roof Trim trailing edge
    64 GT Hawk
    One year only
    Excellent shape
    Item #T37P1
    Be aware, you have to drill holes in your roof to install this
    Has 4 of the roof bolts on the piece. There are probably 8 required

    In order to have this survive shipping, the piece may have to be strapped to a wooden plank. You make the call.



    NOS Flight-O-Matic Yoke (B2)
    56 - 64
    HD With grease fitting
    Item #T38P1


    Seven Blade Fan
    2.0625" between bolt holes
    Diagonal measurement

    Item #T38P2

    Five Blade Fan
    1.75" between bolt holes
    Stainless Steel Flexi-Blades
    Item #T38P4

    17.5" Six Blade Flex Fan (SWALL)
    Fits SBC water pumps
    Stainless Steel Blades
    Item #T38P6



    DG 250M Parts (B6)
    Drum - Number ?
    NOS - never used
    Item #T39P1


    DG-250M Parts (B6)
    NOS Sun Gear
    Item #T39P3


    DG 250M Parts
    Part Number 529183 valve
    Lost at the moment
    Item #T39P4

    Servo Seal Kit
    In sealed bag / seals are very pliable
    Lost at the moment
    Item #T39P6



    V-8 Oil pan
    Reconditioned & pretty nice
    All flanges trued / dents removed
    New drain washer
    Item #T40P1


    Oil Pan Drain repair
    Inspected but Unused
    Item #T40P4

    Summit Magnetic Oil Drain Plug (B5)
    Old in package
    Item #T61P79



    Flight-O-Matic/Power-Shift (B6)
    3 packages (6204, 6208, 6222) steel drive clutches & composition (driven) clutches & one pack of Sintered bronze (#1543088) drive clutches
    Item #T41P1


    Remote Spin-On Oil Filter
    Pre 1962
    Bolts to Filler standpipe
    Lines tap the Dside front cylinder head
    Return line to standpipe
    Lost at the moment
    Item #T41P4


    Passenger side door striker (B3)
    Item #T41P6


    Water Diverter tubes (B2)
    5/8" O.D.
    Non-Ferrous metal
    Item #T41P7


    55 Sedan Headlight switch (6 Volt) (B3)
    Item #T41P9


    6 Volt Starter Relay (B11)
    Item #T41P10


    Box of 259 Pistons (1955-1960)
    Wrist pins included
    Standard size, never used
    Item #T42P1

    This is For Pickup Only

    Drivers side rear Quarter Panel (part #303071 )
    primed but has surface rust. Nice shape

    Item #T42P2



    V-8 Thermostat (B3)
    Large format
    190 degree
    Item #T43P1


    180 Thermostat (B3)
    Large format, likely a 55
    Item #T43P2


    Stant (33006) 160 degree thermostat (B3)
    Item #T43P3


    190 degree thermostat (B3)
    small format
    Tested ok
    Item #T43P4



    Replacement Starter Switch (Stude) (B3)
    Item #T44P1


    V-8 Starter, Automatic
    Delco #1107651 (S3)
    Item #T44P2


    66 - ? Avanti
    Small Block GM Starter Motor (350CID)
    153 tooth / Practically new / no solenoid
    Item #T44P5


    66 - ? Avanti
    Small Block GM Starter Motor (350CID)
    153 tooth / Used / Original 1970 issue / still works
    Item #T44P6



    V-8 Exhaust Manifolds
    Both passenger side but can be swapped across
    New (long) studs in #1, Old in #2, both derusted somewhat
    $15.00 each
    Item #T45P1



    Box of used Drum Brake hardware (S1)
    Star wheels, e-brake bars, springs, endcaps, anchor blocks etc
    All usable
    Item #T46P1


    C/K trunk Lock assembly (B11)
    Trunk Lip Catch included
    Item #T46P2



    Wheel Spacers - $6.00 each (S2)

    Two pieces - 5" Circle - 1 inch spacer
    Item #T47P1

    Item #T46P2
    Three pieces - 5X114.3 - 1 Inch spacer
    Item #T47P3A
    Item #T47P3B
    Item #T47P3C
    Item #T47P4
    One piece - 5X114.3 - 1/2 Inch spacer
    Item #T47P5A
    Item #T47P5B
    Two pieces - 5 X 114.3 - 1/2" spacer
    Needs lug adapters ( or make them)




    Lot of 3/16" Brake Line Unions (B21)
    New - $1.00 each
    Used $.50 each
    Item #T48P1

    Brass Fluid "Y" fittings (B21)
    .25" I.D. x 1.75" wide
    3 available
    $3.50 each
    Item #T48P2A
    Item #T48P2B
    Item #T48P2C


    Universal Door Grounding Switch (B21)
    Item #T48P3


    Gates 0302x5 Unions (B21)
    2 New/ 2 used
    New Item #T48P4A
    New Item #T48P4B
    Used Item #T48P4C
    Used Item #T48P4D


    Nylon Hose Barbs (B21)
    3/8" I.D. "Tee"
    2 available
    Item #T48P5A
    Item #T48P5B









    Avanti Jacket Patch

    New Item #T49P1


    63-84 Avanti
    Ash Tray Surround (B4)
    (I think for the rear seat)
    Item #T50P1


    63-84 Avanti
    Console chrome trim fasteners (B6)
    Item #T50P2


    63-84 Avanti
    Cigarette Lighter (working) (B4)
    with fuse
    Item #T50P3


    63-8? Avanti
    Stainless Steel trunk Light Frames (B10)
    4 total / 2 painted
    (Unpainted frames are SOLD/gone!) Nice condition
    $5.00 each
    Item #T50P5


    64-8? Avanti
    Headlight accent covers (B26)
    Install over headlight lens
    Gives a muted green look
    Doesn't knock down the light much
    Lost one, so
    All 5 for $15.00
    Item #T50P6

    63-8? Avanti
    Console Ashtray (B10)
    Well used condition
    Item #T50P6
    Avanti Console piece (B26)
    Item #T50P12
    Avanti Console Door (B26)
    Item #T50P14
    Avanti Overhead Light Console cover (B26)
    I have a new plastic overlay, but haven't found it yet! $15.00
    Item #T50P16
    Avanti Center Console Ash Tray Housing (B26)
    Item #T50P18
    Avanti Center Console Air Control cover (B26)
    Item #T50P22


    Late 63-84 Avanti
    (where?) Heat, Air & Ventilation Cable Control Head
    With round knobs
    Excellent condition
    Item #T52P5


    Late 63-7(?)Avanti
    Overhead Light Control Console (B4)
    Good condition/ both bulbs / Switches work
    Item #T52P7

    63-8? Avanti trans switches
    Neutral Safety Switch
    Item #T50P8 - (B10)
    $20.00 each

    Backup Light switch
    Item #T50P9 - (B10)


    63-84 Avanti
    Air Conditioning Grill with directional ducts (B4)
    includes all stainless screws/AC knobs
    Item #T53P1


    63-84 Avanti
    A/C Controls (B1)
    Temp /w/ thermocouple &
    Fan speed
    Item #T53P2


    63-7_? Avanti
    Console - A/C fan intake grilles (B4)
    Item #T53P4

    63-84 Avanti
    Dashpad speaker grille (B26)

    Item #T53P5
    63-84 Avanti
    Console door lock (B26)

    Item #T53P7

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index
    12 Lug Nuts (Cab 3)
    1/2 by 20 Thread
    Used with Magnum 500 wheels
    Used but still nice
    Item #T53BP12
    12 Lug Nuts (Cab 3)
    1/2 X 20 thread

    Item #T53BP13
    20 Cragar Style Lug Nuts (Cab 3)
    Land Washer with each
    1/2 X 20 thread
    Item #T53BP14
    20 Standard Lug Nuts (Ford type) (Cab 3)
    1/2 X 20 thread
    Slightly used

    Item #T53BP15
    22 Standard Lug Nuts (Ford type) (Cab 3)
    17 Ford Type
    5 unknown
    1/2 X 20 thread
    Slightly used
    Item #T53BP16

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    63-84 Avanti
    Powershift console to floor seal (B4)
    Item #T51P1


    Avanti II
    Flexplate to crankshaft Bolts (B5)
    350 SBC to Powershift
    Item #T51P2

    Avanti & Avanti II
    Heater/defrost Blower Motor (B5)
    Tested ok
    Item #T51P3
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Ross Steering Box (B5)
    Rebuild kit / new sector bushings, adjustment shims, sector seal
    Minus the WORM gear pin
    Old one included but it's not bad
    Item #T51P4
    Reach Rod (B15)
    Bendix Power Steering
    NOS? (*)
    I know I bought one way back.
    I know I never installed one.

    Item #T51P6
    Like this except, only $45.00
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Used Speedometer cable (B5)
    Powershift to Speedo
    Item #T51P8
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Rear bumper Uprights (B5)/ Well used and a bit beat up
    some rust / some chrome flaking
    Not that bad tho
    Rear side protected with heavy paint
    Item #T51P9
    Avanti & Avanti II
    B-Pillar rain diverter
    Used but Usable
    Item #T51P12
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Used Speedometer/Tachometer mount bracket (B6)
    Item #T51P13
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Rear Brake adjustment eccentric bolts (B6)
    SI Price $24.00 EACH
    4 available
    My price - $20.00 for 2
    includes nuts an other brake hardware
    Item #T51P14

    Pair 2
    Bolts only / no nuts
    Item #T51P15

    $10.00 for two Bolts
    Avanti & Avanti II
    3/4" rear brake cylinders (B6)
    Used but very good/ Internals still move easily
    $10.00 each
    Item #T51P16
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Rear brake backing Plates (S1)
    Used but very good
    $10.00 each
    Item #T51P18
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Rear brake Hoses (B6)
    Fairly new when removed / still very pliable
    $10.00 pair
    Item #T51P20
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Door hinge Pins (B6)
    Pins ok / They need new nylon inserts
    Item #T51P21
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Rear brake fluid distribution block (B6)
    Mounts on axle housing
    Item #T51P22
    Avanti II
    SBC Lower radiator hose (B6)
    Excellent condition / lacks internal spring
    Item #T51P23
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Box of mostly steel body shims & various cushions
    1/4" steel plate (heavy) (S2)
    Item #T51P25

    Box of mixed new/old body cushions (meh?) (S2)
    steel has been removed
    Item #T51P26
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Quick Steering Arms (B7)
    Item #T51P27
    Avanti & Avanti II
    Dana 44
    Chrome cover plate (B8)
    No gasket
    Item #T51P29
    Hawk / Avanti / Avanti II
    Air Conditioner
    Compressor Clutch (B8)
    Working Condition (tested ok)
    Item #T51P31


    Avanti II 350 SBC
    V-8 Exhaust gaskets 2" (B14)
    2 Donuts plus one manifold side
    Composition type
    Item #T51P33


    Avanti II 350 V-8
    Rear Main Oil Seal (B14)

    Item #T51P35

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    63-84 Avanti
    Chrome Interior "S" Emblem Shell (2) (B4)
    Excellent condition
    2 Plastic inserts
    Item #T52P1


    Avanti Script
    Fair condition
    Item #T52P3

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    SOLD / Late 63-84 Avanti
    Windshield Wiper Control
    Excellent condition
    Item #T54P1


    63-7_? Avanti
    Dash Board Fascia (B1)
    Some scratches, but cover is replaceable
    Item #T54P2


    63-84 Avanti
    Interior Light Door Switches (B4)
    Tested OK
    $10.00 (each)
    Item #T54P3
    Item #T54P4


    63-84 Avanti
    Windshield Wiper arms (B4)
    Item #T54P5

    Windshield Wiper Motor (B24)
    United Technologies
    Bought this because it
    'looked' like a Stude Motor
    Put it on the shelf and
    never checked it over
    Item #T54P6

    Windshield Wiper washer motor (B24)
    Roberk brand - 12Volt

    Item #T54P9

    Windshield Wiper washer pedal #1 (B24)
    Not wiper connected
    Clean, pliable
    Item #T54P10

    Windshield Wiper washer pedal #2 (B24)
    Maybe Ford
    Clean, pliable
    Item #T54P13

    Windshield Wiper washer pedal #3 (B24)
    Stude, I think
    Clean, pliable
    Item #T54P16

    Windshield Wiper washer pedal #4 (B24)
    Maybe Ford
    Clean, pliable
    Item #T54P19

    Avanti (63-89) windshield Glass Seal (B15)
    (Part #1350769)
    (Dover Intn'l meet purchase)
    Item #T54P22


    64 + Avanti Headlight Lens boot (B21)
    Used but usable
    Free with above

    Avanti (63-89) Back Glass Glass Seal (B15)
    Part #3260x1)
    (Dover Intn'l meet purchase)
    Item #T54P25
    Flat Walnut Steering Wheel (SW )
    Good Condition
    Made by Superior @15.5" dia.
    Item #T54P26
    Lot of Steering Wheel adapters (B15)
    Miscellaneous horn parts
    Horn Button bases & Covers
    Item #T54P27


    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    63-84 Avanti
    Factory Dunlop Calipers
    Rebuilt with 2.25" Toyota Crown Pistons
    Used very little after rebuild
    Includes metric to metric and metric to sae crossover pipes and other hardware
    Item #T55P1


    63-84 Avanti
    Factory Dunlop Rotors
    Used but usable
    These are worn down to almost the limit
    but have NEVER been turned and are not warped
    New bearings and seals
    Item #T55P2

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    GT Hawk Factory Disk Brake Reservoir (B9)
    Used - Has original cap, firewall mount
    Brass outlet fitting
    Item #T56P1


    Proportioning Valves (B9)
    One Summit used - Good Condition
    Item #T56P2


    Wilwood (B15)
    New, sealed with fittings
    $15.00 each
    Item #T56P4 #1
    Item #T56P4 #2


    Master Cylinder Cap (Steel) (B11)
    Disk Brake Type
    Has threaded opening for
    fluid line from
    Firewall Reservoir
    Item #T56P5


    Master Cylinder Cap (Aluminum) (B11)
    Standard MC (B11)
    $6.00 each
    Item #T56P6#1
    Item #T56P6#2


    Lot of piston rubber parts
    Dunlop & Toyota (B9)
    Not hard to tell the apart
    Item #T56P7


    Four 702 disk pads (B9)
    Used but very little
    Item #T56P10


    Two Original Girling (B10)
    Metallic Brake Pads
    originally designed for Dunlop
    Very effective - New
    Item #T56P11


    Dunlop X-over tube (B10)
    One new Bleeder (B10
    Two used Bleeders B10)
    Item #T56P13


    63-84 Avanti
    Front fender parking lights (B5)
    These are the original castings
    The chrome front is pretty nice
    Wiring included / Lenses included but
    Lenses were exposed to some overspray and have been buffed
    They need to be polished, to clear the haze.
    Item #T56P15


    63-84 Avanti
    Interior lights (B5)
    These are the original pieces
    The Stainless cover is fine
    Wiring/bulb included / Lenses not cracked
    Item #T56P17


    63-84 Avanti
    Interior light dimming resistor (B5)
    Item #T56P19


    63-7_? Avanti
    Passenger side
    Power Window Switch (B4)
    Item #T56P20


    Avanti ?
    Driver side
    Power Window Switch (dual)
    (Black) (B1)
    Item #T56P21


    63-7_? Avanti
    Door Handle Escutcheons (B4)
    Beat up a little
    Item #T56P24


    63-7_? Avanti
    Rear Bumper License Light housing (B4)
    Nothing but the shell / Chrome or ( stainless not bad)
    Item #T56P25

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    Window Motors and parts


    70 Avanti II Window Motor (B16)
    Passenger side
    Original Bosch Type
    Works fine
    Item #T57P1


    70 Avanti II Window Motor (B16)
    Driver side
    Original Bosch Type
    Burned to a crisp
    Item #T57P3


    63-70? Avanti Window Motor (B16)
    Repair parts
    Miscellaneous gears / rollers
    Dorman Product
    Item #T57P5


    63-70? Avanti Window (B16)
    Motor Transmissions
    (Plus other small items I can find)
    Item #T57P7


    Dorman 742-250 / 742/251 (B16)
    Ford window Motors
    Adaptable to your Avanti
    Two Motors (R/L) (Unused)
    Item #T57P8

    The motors to the left have 9 tooth gears just like the original Bosch. You have to slightly modify the regulator, doing away with the transmission, to accept these on early Avantis. The late 70's and 80's (steel bumper) cars used a different motor and regulator than the Bosch and United Technologies, so the adaptation is easier. You also need to install polarity reversing switches which draw much less current that the originals. The burned up motor above was replaced with a Dorman product that dried up somewhat quickly after getting the one installed. The passenger side recieved a Siemans product , which also went away after I tried to get a couple others. The only other motors that were viable were the Ford Truck ones here. They use neodymium rare earth magnets making the motors smaller but just as or more powerful. The mount points are similar but I never went into the adaption of these any further. There IS one Avanti Owner locally who adapted these to his '83 Avanti.


    Two GM Power Window Switches
    These were used in researching
    how to adapt GM/Ford motors to
    our power windows
    They were abandoned because of
    the complexity and heavy wiring required
    Both switches with the wiring and any other pieces
    Item #T57P9


    Avanti II
    SBC Valve Cover Stays (B11)
    8 Aluminum, 8 Steel
    Item #T58P1


      Crank shaft damper for 350 SBC (B7)
    Used. Good condition
    Item #T58P3

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    66 - ? Avanti
    Small Block GM Starter Motor (350CID)
    153 tooth / Practically new / no solenoid
    Item #T59P1


    66 - ? Avanti
    Small Block GM Starter Motor (350CID)
    153 tooth / Used / Original 1970 issue / still works
    Item #T59P2

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index


    SBC Oil Filter adapter (B1)
    This fits between engine filter and block to
    shunt oil to a cooler
    Item #T60P1


    SBC distributor Advance Kit (Not HEI) (B3)
    Use in any standard Delco Dist
    Item #T60P3


    SBC Window Distributor (B7)
    Used but good condition
    New Points/Condenser/rotor/advance kit
    Item #T60P4


    SBC Distributor Plug Wires (SWALL)
    Very slightly Used but good condition
    7MM Spiral Wound- Resistor type
    Item #T60P6


    Avanti SBC Exhaust Head Pipes (B2)
    1.75" I.D
    Stock on 1970 Avanti II with AIR Exhaust manifolds
    Nice condition / good quality
    Stainless Steel
    Item #T60P7

    Item #T60P8


    SBC Heat Riser (B19)
    Used but good condition

    Item #T60P9


      Pair of exhaust pipes (1.75")
    Application ? but I only have a Hawk and an Avanti

    Item #T60P10



    Five Pair of B173 Brake Shoe Cores
    Most of these have usable linings
    but they're destined for the dump
    unless rescued here
    $15.00 (and that's only the packing
    and handling / you still get to pay the
    Item #T60P11




    Dicone NC-9 Cleaner
    Silicone digestant
    Removes silicone oil from surfaces
    Opened, some, only a little used..
    Spec sheet
    $25.00 Item #T60P12

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index






    Racing Fuel Filler Assembly (B19)
    Spring Loaded Filler assembly
    AC Cobra origin
    5" cap / 2" neck
    Item #T61P1

    Crank Pulley (B23)
    SBC - New Dual Belt V-groove
    shelf wear only
    Cast 5.5" Aluminum
    Item #T61P5

    Crank Pulley (B23)
    SBC - New Dual Belt V-groove
    Billet 6.5" Aluminum
    Item #T61P8

    Crank Pulley (B23)
    SBC - Cast Aluminum
    Dual Belt V-groove
    5.5" Aluminum
    Used for A/C or Paxton belts
    Item #T61P11

    Exhaust Extensions (B2)
    1996-98 Pontiac Firebird GT/FireHawk
    Item #T61P4


    Seat belts (B8)
    One set, Black - good condition
    All hardware
    Item #T61P17


    Vintage Bumper Jack (RG)
    Allstate - Circa 1950?
    Excellent Condition
    Same as this
    one but only $75.00
    Item #T61P19

    and mine's in better shape
    3             4


    Electric Choke Drive (B1)
    12Volt - Fits Many Carbs
    Item #T61P20


    Hurst Aluminum Shifter Knob(B3)
    Item #T61P22


    Steering Universal (B15)
    Removed from ?
    "Great if you're going
    to Rack & Pinion"
    Item #T61P24


    Steering Universal (B15)
    Removed from ?
    another "Great if you're going
    to Rack & Pinion
    Item #T61P27



    1965-66 Mustang
    Gas Filler Cap (B3)
    Pretty Decent condition,
    needs new gasket / repaint
    Item #T61P30


    Stainless Steel Center Covers (S)
    For Wire basket Wheel Covers
    (similar to Studebaker 53-58)
    These came from a 53 Cadillac
    The center badges are proprietary
    to the manufacturer
    Item #T61P32


    Spring loaded - Pull Down Shades (B3)
    Hook over upper window edge
    Not an issue with car weatherseal
    Requires a suction cup with a button
    to hold shade loop fast
    7 Available, 2 black, 3 tan, 2 gray
    $5.00 each
    Item #T61P34
    Select A, B / C, D , etc


    Road Lights (B10)
    2 styles
    $5.00 each
    Item #T61P37

    These are Halogen (B10)

    Item #T61P39


    Curb Feelers(B1)
    Brand New
    Item #T61P40


    Electric Trunk Solenoid (B10)
    Includes push button for glove box
    Item #T61P41


    Moroso Oil breather (B11)
    1" insert
    Item #T61P42


    Body repair (B2)
    Classic Enterprises
    (C/K Coupes) early style A-Pillar building block
    (passenger side) If you have nothing
    above the batwing but rust or nothing
    substantial below the A-Piller, Then
    you need this to start the repair
    The welded nut is for the bottom door
    hinge bottom bolt / Once fitted, you
    have the genesis of the A-Piller stack.
    This is an earlier version of the
    piece, but works just as well.

    Item #T61P43

    The channel is the floor guide
    ( floor metal folds over)


    Door Lock Solenoid (B11)
    Item #T61P45


    Mallory Noise Filter (B21)
    1951 Vintage
    Numbers on Pic 2
    Item #T61P46


    McKee Lens Type M
    pair (2)
    9" - 8/18"
    Application Unknown
    Edge shows 1917 Patent
    Item #T61P48


    Battery (Box)
    Is your battery in the trunk?
    If so, Use this under the hood
    for tools or fluids
    Item #T61P49

    Vintage Filter (B15)
    Cast Aluminum
    Has internal Fine mesh Steel filter
    Item #T61P52

    Vintage V8 Distributor cover (B15)
    Application Unknown (No Name)
    Nice condition
    Item #T61P54

    Krone & Sebek (B15)
    1930's Radiator Cap
    Not NOS but Nice
    Threads are excellent
    Item #T61P57

    Vintage Filter Housing (B15)
    Marked EN-10
    Filter type unknown
    Used( has mount scores on one side)
    Item #T61P60


    One 1929 Commander Carburator CORE
    fair condition (B2)
    All levers work
    Item #T61P61

    1948 - 49? Champion
    Electric Clock (B8)
    Dial flourescent paint needs help
    Item #T51P36


    Franklin Brake Pedal (B19)
    Appears to have never been used
    Item #T61P63


    Vintage Crankcase Oil Level (B19)
    Glass tube missing used
    Item #T61P66


    Olde Ash Tray (B19)
    Has removable ash container
    Used but nice shape
    Was told it's for a Duesenberg, but hmmmm??!!
    Item #T61P68


    (B18) I have at least 10
    of these 115/120V fans
    From old mainframe systems
    Some 12 Volt also
    $7.50 each
    Item #T61P72

    Olde Spark Plug Cleaner (B5)
    Connects to Home compressor
    Item #T61P75

    ONE Cragar Alloy Wheel Hub (B5)
    Item #T61P77

    Rocker Arm Oil Deflectors (B5)
    Old in package
    Keeps hot oil away while
    adjusting your valves HOT
    Item #T61P80

    Two 15" Aluminum Struts, (S3)
    2 Heim joints
    Dirt Track Car suspension struts
    Item #T61P81
    Both for $15.00

    Schlitz Brewing Co. (B5)
    8" sew-on patch
    Item #T61P83

    MAXX HEI Electronic Distributor
    Studebaker V8
    Uses both Ford and GM parts
    New In Box
    Only opened once before this picture was taken
    Complete Kit
    Item #T62P1

    Plug Wires

    This can all fit in the one box with the distributor. I repurposed the packing and made some new. It will be further wrapped in another cardboard sheath. Weight is around 15 # Extra control module & wiring

    Hi-Voltage Coil



    Freon R-12
    26 #

    I have a license
    Item #T63P1

    Freon R-22

    I have a license
    Item #T63P2

    Stainless Steel Resonators
    From an Infiniti M-35
    14 years old but solid - 1.75 I.D.
    Core is sooty, but solid
    Replaced due to the flanges rusting away
    were a candidate for the Hawk until recently
    Item #T64P1

    Main Index                                                                                 Avanti Index

    All books and manuals will to be sent Media mail unless specified


    National Service Data
    1954 - 1955 - 1956 - 1959

    Excellent coverage of engine, electrics, etc
    (click for pics)
    Item #T62P1


    Holley Service Guide #2
    All about the Holley Carb
    Item #T62P2


    Hot Rod Magazine
    Separate manual on Engines
    Item #T62P4


    Complete book on Engines
    Item #T62P5


    Series on the Basics
    Excellent pointers
    (Item #T62P6A)
    Cams, Valves, Exhaust

    (Item #T62P6B) Suspension, Brakes
    (Item #T62P6C) Ignition, Elec.
    (Item #T62P6D) Carbs, Fuel
    (Item #T62P6E) Body, Paint
    $7.00 each


    Chilton's Mercedes-Benz
    Repair & Tune up
    Pretty good coverage
    (I used to own a 280S
    (Item #T62P7)


    The American Machinist Handbook
    Complete guide to Machining
    From Metals analysis
    to complex operations
    (Click for pics)
    (Item #T62P8)


    Hydrovac Servicing
    (Item #T62P9)


    Butane-Propane Power Manual
    (Item #T62P10)


    Grey Rock Foreign Car Service Manual
    (Click for pics)
    All about disk/drum brakes
    A lot in common with Avantis
    (Item #T62P11)


    1956 Truck Parts Manual
    very unused
    (Item #T62P12)


    Motor Services
    Automotive Encyclopedia
    Pre dates the Motors manuals
    Basic Info everyone should know
    Not a kids book
    Tons of specs 1929 - 1954
    Includes ALL Carmakers during
    those years - very used
    (click for pics)
    (Item #T62P13)


    Motors Manual
    Nice condition
    (Item #T62P14)


    Motor's Automotive Transmission Manual
    Complete Service Guide
    Covers All Studebaker applications
    1959 - 1964
    Good Condition
    (click for pics)
    (Item #T62P15)


    1960 Motors Manual
    1953 - 1960
    Nice condition
    (Item #T62P16)


    1965 Motors Manual
    1958 - 1965
    fair condition
    (Item #T62P17)


    1970 Motors Manual
    1965 - 1970
    Very used condition
    (Item #T62P18)


    1975 Motors Manual
    1971 - 1975
    Very good condition
    (Item #T62P19)


    1980 Motors Manual
    1975 - 1980
    Very good condition
    (Item #T62P20)


    Ford 1967 Maintenance Guide
    (Item #T62P21)


    1964 GT Hawk
    Built August 1963_
    Bought May 2000

    (click for pics)
    Drive it Home

    Item #T66P1

    2016 picture

    Full Description

    1970 Avanti II
    Bought untitled (dealer demo)- June 1971

    (click for pics)
    Drive it Home (maybe)

    Item #T66P2





    2006 - 2013 - the dark years...

    2014 - new paint

    2015 - Brake work

    2015 - new suspension

    Jan 2016 - Transmission cooler

    R3 air filter

    R3 air ducting


    Removed the Hellas and put the bumpers back on