Potomac Chapter Fall Tour 2010
to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon & Wellsboro PA
Muster near Emmitsburg, MD
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DSC08291.jpg DSC08292.jpg DSC08293.jpg
Murrays new Hot Rod
DSC08294.jpg DSC08295.jpg DSC08296.jpg
We get underway..
DSC08303.jpg DSC08304.jpg DSC08305.jpg
Pit Stop for some gas
and a little vapor lock
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DSC08309.jpg DSC08310.jpg DSC08311.jpg
DSC08312.jpg DSC08313.jpg DSC08314.jpg
Lunch at the Country Kitchen
and a Car Show for others
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DSC08328.jpg DSC08332.jpg DSC08333.jpg
The Fall Color has Arrived!!!
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DSC08340.jpg DSC08341.jpg
We arrive at the Sherwood Motel in Wellsboro, PA
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Out to dinner and a
walk around town
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Next day, over to the Grand Canyon
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Scenery is Spectacular
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We stop at the Mountain Trail Horse Center for the Grand Canyon Tour
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DSC08455.jpg DSC08456.jpg DSC08457.jpg
DSC08458.jpg DSC08459.jpg After the Wagon ride, back over to Wellsboro
Unfortunately, Murray lost 3rd gear on the return
and Darrell is trying to diagnose the issue
DSC08460.jpg DSC08461.jpg DSC08462.jpg
The Wellsboro Diner (C 1938)
DSC08463.jpg DSC08464.jpg DSC08465.jpg
DSC08467.jpg DSC08468.jpg DSC08480.jpg
DSC08481.jpg DSC08482.jpg
Saturday afternoon & Darrell plays for the crowd
Click here to hear a little
Dinner at the Log Cabin, west of Wellsboro
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DSC08477.jpg DSC08478.jpg
Around Wellsboro....
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DSC08486.jpg DSC08487.jpg DSC08488.jpg
DSC08489.jpg DSC08490.jpg DSC08491.jpg
DSC08492.jpg DSC08493.jpg DSC08494.jpg
DSC08495.jpg DSC08496.jpg DSC08497.jpg
DSC08498.jpg DSC08499.jpg DSC08500.jpg
DSC08501.jpg DSC08502.jpg DSC08503.jpg
This Elm tree dates back
to the 1700's
Some More Fall Color on the return home
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