Sanden A/C Compressor in 63 Hawk



All the pics I can find of Avanti's with AC have Sanden type compressors on them, but they were mounted in the same place as my Hawk.

This is the Hawk bracket. I just cut a big groove in it to clear the water fitting in the water manifold so I could move the heater hose from the rear of the head up to the water manifold where it is on the Lark or the Hawk without AC.

This bracket mounts on 3 water manifold bolts, 1 water outlet bolt and 1 oil fill tube bolt. Basically anything they could find.

You have to remove the Idler and reach through it's mounting slot to access 2 of the bolts.

The alternator adjust arm bolts to the AC compressor bracket.


This is the bracket I carved from angle iron to adapt a Sanden compressor in place of the York one. Note the groove cut out. You can buy a similar bracket for about $50, but a foot of 2" angle a drill and grinder will save that for parts you can't make.