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Studebaker - Honda Alternator Swap

This page addresses swapping a Studebaker Prestolite alternator for a Honda unit. If you have a Generator, there are similarities. Of course you have to have a 12 volt system.

Honda Alternator-
If anyone needs an alternator for your 63 to 64 Lark and Hawk, its the same as Honda CVCC. Its about 30 bucks. It actually fits BETTER then stock, since it has a sliding sleeve in the rear mount to keep from pinching the altenator and breaking the casing (anyone had this happen yet??) I can dig up the number if anyone needs it .... it also looks simular to original.

The Honda one I mentioned is a direct bolt on with no needed modifications to car or altenator. The wiring is easy also.

(Stude alternator wiring: ( this is from a 64 Hawk, yours may differ slightly))
(1)white 14 gauge - alternator ground to VR ground
(2)Yellow 12 gauge with black trailer = Alternator field to VR Field
(3)Red 10 gauge - Alternator BAT to main buss)

Honda wiring to Stude Harness
Ground wire (1) to altenator chassis (there are a few bolts on back)
Power (3) lead to power terminal on Alt
Field (2) slip on connector to "F" terminal

There are two other terminals not used on a Studebaker. The Honda alternator
used a dual amp VR. So it had a high side and a low side. We are only
interested in the high side or 35 amp. Which is the "F" terminal.

Carquest part number RE 14184
OEM# 021000-5410 31100-657-024
76-79 Honda CVCC or Civic
35 amp

Price in 93 was 38.31 My brother bought one for his Lark about a year or two


I used a reman Nippon-Denso, 76-79 Honda CVCC or Civic. Comes in either 35 or 50 amp and uses existing wires and regulator, for about $36.00 plus core, I bought it at Autozone p/n 14540 or 14158 for the 50 amp. It's been on the car all season and works just fine. (Captain Billy / SDC Forum - Dec 2007)