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(Toyota Alternator Replacement)( Update Mar 2007)

(June 2013)    Note: The Toyota P/N is 27020-22010 / 2100-08       Ref..

The alternator I bought at Auto Zone, (had) a lifetime warrenty..I can give the part number later, the box is in the trunk at home..I just told them "82 Tercel, integrated regulator" Was 69.95+20.00 core

On the back of said unit, you will find the standard large lug for the battery wire, and a noise suppressor which has it's own terminal..Then you will see a three prong plug that has "IG" "S" and "L"

After looking over the diagram it shows the "S" terminal hooked directly to 12V+ to sense the needs of the alternator. Basically the same place the big battery wire comes from..So rather than running another wire under the hood, I made a jumper of 12 ga wire..Put a blade connector on one end and a lug connector on the other..I plugged it into the "S" terminal socket and put the lug over the large battery lug on the alt.(this is in line with the wiring instructions for the GM 10-SI alternator shown at Bob Johnstones webpage) The "IG" or "ignition" connector needs a switched 12V+..This is what turns on the alternator..This was easy..I just used the existing blade connector from the old alternator which was the "field" wire..But you won't get 12V from there unless you bypass the old regulator..How I did this was to connect the two main wires from the regulator directly together..I am going to put an in line ATC fuse holder in that connection, then reinstall the stock regulator with a dummy wire connected to the terminals of the regulator just for looks..So it doesn't look like something is missing or disconnected..The fuse holder will be positioned to where it just peeks out from under the old regulator just in case...By looking at the diagram it looks like you could use the "L" terminal to power your electric choke..It also connects to the idiot light on the toyota dash..I don't have anything hooked to that one and it works.....I used the hooded blade connections so if the chance something comes unplugged it won't easily short out..

Now, the installation was a breeze..The only thing that got in the way was the noise suppressor which was pre installed on the alternator..It hit the engine..I loosened it and turned it 90 degrees and it was fine..It helps to loosen the alternator top bracket to allow for the slightly larger diameter..Just makes the top bolt easier to get started..Reconnected the battery, put in the key and started her up and the amp guage came to life!

Toyota Alternator manual...850Kb..PDF

The above tech tip brought to you by John Winn, Austin, TX September 2003

Addendum to this page
March 2007

This is a rebuilt, Marked Autolite ALC-5001, but it may be a remanufactured Nippondenso rebuilt by Autolite. Application is 74 Toyota Corona or Corolla. 45 Amps. Alterations necessary were retap for SAE bolt on hold down, or use a metric as is, and open up the big hole to accommodate the larger SAE bolt on the bottom. Wiring is Identical and have used it both with std. regulator and a Dave T electronic. 10 years plus and no regrets. / Ernie R

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