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Avanti AirDam install

  • Air Dam for Avanti's, using a "Saturn" (GM) Part # 21031161, $17.00. - Made of high impact plastic with angled mounting area. Bolt it to the lower portion of radiator core support. Credit to Chris Altenburg for this one!


    July 2009

    I bought the Saturn air dam to put on my 90 4-door and remember they offered a choice of two, one being much longer than the other. I opted for the shorter. Fit great. It is 37.75" long. Saturn P/N 21030181, cost $7.91. The larger air dam is P/N 21031161 and cost $21.65

    I decided to take it off though because at only 3.0 to 3.5" in width on about a 45 degree forward angle, it did not extend beyond the front grill of the 4-door. I fabricated one myself from aluminum that is 4.5" on a 45 degree forward angle so it would catch more of the airflow.


    Richard Morris
    Renton, WA
    1964 Avanti R-1 #5367
    1990 Avanti 4-door #78