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New Moser axles from Fairborn, require the bearing holes, in the backing plates, be enlarged

My procedure:
1) Get a piece of scrap 3/4" plywood say 16"X16".
2) With a 2 1/4" hole saw drill 2 round blanks - Glue them or Air nail them together

3) Mount the round blanks in the center of the plywood (I air-nailed them in place)
4)The 2 round blanks serve as a centering device for the brake backing plate with the 1/4" hole already established in the blanks

5) Put the backing plate on the plywood template and mark the brake adjusting nibs on the plywood and drill the plywood so the backing plate sits flush to the plywood

6) Install the 2 3/4" holesaw in the drill press and drill the backing plate out with lots of cutting oil
Total cost of was $17.00 dollars for the 2 3/4" holesaw. ( I had the other holesaws and mandrils) I had my backing plates drilled out and finished in one hour.
A local machine shop will want $80.00. Phil Harris will do it for $15 but you have shipping involved.

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