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Avanti-Lark Brake Mechanical Light switch

This retro fit by Mike Mudd - Dated August 2002

I used a Borg Warner S237 mechanical brake light switch, from Napa.

I verify that the Standard Motor Products SLS66 looks the same. Others are supposed to be: General 31181, NIEH OR148, Wells DR496. It's a very common part. For grins, tell the parts person it's for a '68 Rambler American, 4.8L V8, with manual trans, and no speed control.

I made a bracket out of an aluminum scrap that is secured by the clutch and brake stop bolts; and offsets the switch 1 1/2". The hole that appears to be for a brake pedal stop bolt was unused by Stude. If you use it, make sure the pedal can return all the way, plus venting clearance.

Switch action is open with plunger depressed.

I replaced the pal nuts, for more thread area.

A 1/8" NPT plug fits the hole in the master cylinder.
Mike M.

NAPA SLS66 S237 all
Item#: ECHSL169 / Price: $5.49