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1990 4 Door Avanti & 1991 Coupes, Probably the unit(s) used on the Chevrolet Caprice of that year

The brake booster used on the 63-64 Avanti and the early (RQA) Avanti II used a 4 bolt mount for the Master Cylinder. This booster is available from various sources, generally NAPA as Part # NBB5473603


Master Cylinders
The original Master Cylinder for the 63-64 Avanti was a single circuit, 1" bore, 4-bolt unit which can be purchased at any Studebaker Parts Vendor.

For Dual master Cylinders, see Replacement Master Cylinders



Boosters on the 1971 thru 1987 use a 2-bolt mount master Cylinder and can be replaced with the above model with the following adaption :

    ) Between the firewall mounting bracket and the rear of the Booster, four spacers at 1/2" are required to move the booster forward enough to receive the actuator rod from the pedal. There's plenty room and material left to fasten it.

Master Cylinders
For Replacement Master Cylinders, see Replacement Master Cylinders



LATE 1987 - 1989 Avanti

Cardone Brake Booster #5471243 mounts at an upward angle

Master Cylinders

As does the Cardone Master Cylinder #101926