EBC Green stuff Brake Pads for TURNER Disk Brakes (2017)

Jan 2019

PSA: Brake pad upgrade for those with Turner Disc Brakes

I don't take any credit for this, I found the information in an old, long forgotten forum thread by Joe Hall. He recommended using EBC "Green Stuff" brake pads, and said that the difference in the way the car stopped was significant. I've never felt that Joe was one to exaggerate, so I ordered a set to use on my '51 Commander. I installed them this morning and drove the car home. The difference is night and day, Joe was right.

Not kidding.. In comparison to the way it stopped previously with Turner's supplied brake pads, it's like someone added a booster to the brake system. The EBC pads grab quicker, harder, and require MUCH less pedal effort to engage and stop the car. These pads turned the brake system into what I would expect a disc conversion to be.

EBC part number DP21146. Amazon has them for less than $50, though I'm sure they're available from other sources as well. Just sharing the info for the rest of you that are running Turner front discs, I promise I'm not an EBC spokesman.

Reference SDC Forum #109421

For more info & Pricing, "GOOGLE"" EBC DPC21146 Brake Pads

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