Turner Brake part interchange #'s


A while back I saw on the newsgroup some interchange part numbers for the
turner brake setup. I thought I saved it but for the life of me , I can't
find it. Tried to Google it, but just can't come up with the right words.
Like for the pads what Napa part# ect. And what was the rotor part number
Ford,Brakebest ect. Thanks
Pads are ++154 97 GM intermediate (change ++ to letter for organic, semi
metallic, or ceramic)
rotors 6006 68-69 Mustang Cougar
calipers 97 S-10 4 x 4
hose's BH 38160
bearings A-2 and A-6
seals 6815 (68-69 Mustang/Cougar)
caliper pins H5004

What else?

Jim Turner
Thanks Jim,
Purchased the first one from you and put it on the Avanti,
this was so good, I always reccomend it to my friends.
But the second one I purchased that was on Ebay, only slightly used. Well it
was used by the devil himself. It was only slightly used(not at all).Well
when I recieved it missing the pins,pads,hoses and the rotors.Took a
complaint to paypal to lock his account.Then the rotors where sent. And one
is damaged on the seal area. But I think I can fix it for use. Thanks again
Malcolm, see notes below that I have added to Jim's P/Ns...

for the fronts these are great. For the rears you want to check carefully.
These are GM part #12370018. Some GM dealers may not carry the pads - they
are strictly an ACDelco product and some dealers don't handle them. I was
referred to a local shop, I called and got the current Delco P/N 17D154C for
rear pads (no locating clip as you would need with cupped front brake

yep, them is the ones, Torino too, or
Aimco 5453 or
Wagner 141752

Cardone 18-4128 and 18-4129
Fenco C134 and C135

NAPA 41-38160 or
Aimco B917068 or
Coni-Seal BH177031

68-69 Mustang/Cougar/Torino and is the same as Stude

and Torino too!
Rear axle seals are CR13157 for tapered axles or CR13165 for flanged

Rear rotors are 1984-90 Mustang or Lincoln Continental Mark 7

Rear calipers are 79-81 Cadillac Seville/Eldorado with casting #020L and
Autoline 40-4172 & 40-4173 or
Raybestos FRC6033 and FRV6034 or
Cardone 18-4138 and 18-4139 or
OEM Rebuild kit 18-4138H and 18-4139H

Depending on the length of your spindles or the crush on your existing dust
caps, you may need to persuade those dust caps into being a bit longer.

Also, get another spindle washer for the fronts - you're going to find the
Mustang rotors sit inward and you need to put that cotter pin through your
castellated nuts (ouch!). Thus, the nut has to sit out far enough for the
cotter pin to work as advertised.

Thanks Brooksie
I'll add this to my interchange notes.
thanks again.