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Oct 2016

Hawk Power Brake System Bleeding

Some input would be appreciated. I've replaced the Master Cylinder and now need to bleed the system. I've reviewed posts on the subject, but am not clear on everything. The manual refers to page 28, but that has details on the Master-Vac. The GT has a fender mounted Hydrovac. Do I use the bleeding port on the front section (smaller) of the Hydrovac? Can a hand vacuum pump be used here? Then when I do the wheels, use the hand pump to draw fluid through the power brake unit to the wheels? This is not a disc brake car, if that influences any input.


63 R2 Hawk :
There are 2 systems to bleed, the master cyl connected to the pedal is a servo system for the Hydrovac. The actual master cyl is on the end of the Hydrovac. I pull the shroud cover (if you still have one) off of the brake pedal and put a strong bungee on the brake pedal lever to bleed both the wheel cylinders and the master, takes about 10 minutes or so.


Bench bleed the master cylinder. Then the highest port of the Hydrovac, then the slave cylinder bleeder screw of the hydrovac, then the furthest wheel (right rear), then left rear, then right front, finally left front.

Thanks for the input. Followed the order indicated by Brad. I have good brakes now.