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GT Hawk Disk Brake refit with Eclipse Master Cylinder/remote reservoir/combo valve

I found this page on the net and fortunately saved it. I don't know the author, but hope he finds me and givesup some more info....

1963 GT Hawk
This Hawk is my daily driver. I put about 4000-5000 miles per year on it.

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Brake installation

Below are the passenger side pictures. The front disks are Levesque's kit, and the rear disks are from Jim Turner. Both gentlemen were very responsive to my questions. I still have to send off for the emergency brake cable. The rotors were cleaned after I took the pictures.

Below are the drivers side pictures.

For the master cylinder, I considered a 1" and 1 1/8" diameter cylinder. I eventually chose a 1" diameter and settled for increased pedal travel but got less pedal effort in return. Also, I wanted the smallest master cylinder possible so that I would not have to cut a hole in the cross brace. A remote reservoir option was also a plus. I got the master cylinder from a 95 eclipse with all wheel drive and a turbo. That version of the eclipse is around 3100 pounds. The bracket kit is from Jim Turner. Again, his customer service was excellent.

(((Note from Bob: The MC for the car w/o ABS was only 15/16", the car
with ABS is 1.0". NAPA reman MC is around $65.00. Also, the threaded fittings
are metric and you need adapters to go from the MC to SAE brake lines)))

I also installed a combination valve from Master Power Brakes (part number VL3359).

The remote reservoirs come from ECI (part number EC-1100).

Chrysler wheels almost worked, but I had to put in 1/8" wheel spacers to clear the calipers.

How does the Hawk brake?

Excellently, straight and true. Also, with an amazingly low pedal effort.

Alas, there is one fly in the ointment. Two wheel covers rotate and pinch the valve stems. Any suggestions?

More info on Master Cylinder and possible Author

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