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Flex Fan Retro Fit

I've had several old cars over the last few years, including a '51 Kaiser , '66 Thunderbird and '83 El Camino. Each seemed to run a bit hot on summer days above 85 or so, even after flushing the system and checking the obvious things like timing . My go to solution has been to install a six blade flex fan like the one pictured, it typically brings the operating temps down 10 to 20 degrees. Installed one today on my '62 GT Hawk, after some problem solving. With a 1" spacer , it should fit right on most Hawks, but it seems mine has a heavy duty water pump intended for A/C models. This pump has a 1.06" shoulder, unlike the 5/8" shoulder the stock pump had. The spacer has the same 1.06" size on both ends, male and female. Since no spacer is made with that size female pilot hole is made, I had to come up with a creative solution- so I bought a 1 and 1/16 drill bit and drilled out the new fan pilot hole. Waiting for a nice hot day to try it out, with a lot of stop and go and idling to see how it handles it. Former temps approached 200, this should keep it close to 180 even under those conditions.

/ TN GT Hawk - SDC Forum - Aug 2022