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C/K Replacement radiator

Stuuder - SDC Forum - Dec 2014

Frpm; SDC -85946

      I have been searching for a replacement radiator for my 53 K and this is the one to use. Its a Champion brand 2 row (3 row also avail).# EC110 for Nissan 240-260Z 70-74. Tons of hood clearance, only mod I had to do was snip 1/4" off of the forward tabs so that it would slide into the stock rad support. Comes with a built in trans cooler, I'm guessing the fittings are Japanese. Even two of the top bolts on the rear bracket line up. Your going to have to fiddle with hoses. I'm planning on an electric fan and not use the stock shroud. I did some rewiring for the headlights and turn signals, (never did like the stud bar on the shroud). No wiring showing now.
This is a real easy swap, I'm guessing one could reuse the stock shroud.

When I find some molded hoses I'll add to the thread